We would like to welcome you to the Stinkweeds Blog! This is something we have thought about doing for sometime now. But, we often found ourselves asking, “why do we need a Stinkweeds Blog? How would this help us connect on a personal level?” Our primary goal as a record store has always been to connect with our customers, and the best way to connect with someone is in person. We understand that you could choose to go the “convenient” route and have everything fed to you at the click of a mouse. We also understand that so much of our social lives has moved to the internet. But, we feel it’s important to remind you that music exists in a tangible form, that there are places where music lovers congregate to talk about their favorite albums and make a connection with music in a way that involves all of our senses. Some albums, when you pick them up, they just won’t let you let go. This is a feeling that’s hard to replicate on a computer. Your favorite records are something you will own for the rest of your life. They will remain in your living space through countless times spent sitting, eating, reading, talking, laughing, crying. They will be there for you when you celebrate and when your heart aches. Your friends and family will fight over who gets them when you’ve given up the ghost. But, of course, you will have stipulated that all of them are coming with you.

This blog is an attempt to bring a little bit of the record store experience into your home. We will share our thoughts on the things we can’t get enough of; we will share stories that could only happen in a record store; we will hold A LOT of contests for tickets, gift cards, limited test pressings, posters, t-shirts and all sorts of goodies; we will share our thoughts on the state of music, whether it be about the business, the styles, the concerts, the history, or just what it’s like for a record store in today’s climate. But, it all goes back to that personal connection. What we post on this blog is only a taste of what we experience, day to day, in Stinkweeds Records. We hope you’ll drop by for the full experience.