STAFF PICKS kimber – youth lagoon, bikini kill lindsay – kurt vile, youth lagoon dario – julia holter jeff – kurt vile   THIS WEEK’S NEW RELEASES Bikini Kill – Revolution Girl Style Now [1991] CD/LP+MP3 (Bikini Kill) Bikini Kill’s first collection of work (previously cassette-only) has been expanded with three previously unreleased tracks: “Ocean Song,” […]

We’ve teamed up with Changing Hands for another unique concert experience at the Newton. Phoenix is now, more than ever, a destination for touring bands looking for attentive audiences and intimate spaces. Even with all of the new venues opening up, we are still coming up short on venues for all of the new acts coming through town. Ever since […]

STAFF PICKS kimber – telekinesis lindsay – dave rawlings machine, ought, destruction unit dario – ought, battles jeff – homeshake, hibou, battles, ought   THIS WEEK’S NEW RELEASES   Air Waves – Parting Glances CD/LP (Western Vinyl) In 2010 Nicole Schneit aka Air Waves released Dungeon Dots, an album Aquarius Records called “…pretty much perfect […]

Here a just a few of the titles currently getting a lot of play in our shop. This is by no means everything we’re listening to. It’s been a great couple of weeks and we’re having a rough time picking our favorites. I’m sure you’ll see the others in a later post. Ought – Sun Coming Up The […]

We are just flooded with tickets to give away right now! We have so many that we’re not even going to make up some ridiculous contest to pick a winner! That would just be way too much work for us. Some tickets we will just be giving away at the store for anyone who buys […]

A big part of what makes Stinkweeds the record store it has always been is an understanding of the intimate relationship between the music lover and the albums they choose to buy. This is why our aim has never been to expand beyond your small, neighborhood record store. We enjoy being the little store we […]

STAFF PICKS kimber – beirut lindsay – low, petite noir dario – beirut jeff – petite noir, empress of   THIS WEEK’S NEW RELEASES   Beirut – No No No CD (4AD) “Finding a new love sparked the creativity and songwriting that went into the making of No No No. Condon and his bandmates, bassist Paul […]