The low rumble of a timpani drum or the crescendo of strings, climbing up the chromatic scale. There’s that melody again! Last time you heard that, it did not end well! It must be a foreshadowing of something terrible. What danger could be lingering around the corner? Is it an axe murderer? Is it the […]

STAFF PICKS kimber – joanna newsom lindsay – fuzz dario – joanna newsom jeff – gza, fuzz   THIS WEEK’S NEW RELEASES   Beat Connection – Product 3 CD/LP+MP3 (ANTI-) What began as a party-starting DJ duo at the University of Washington, has since blossomed into a four-piece that brings the beats with an incandescent, sample-heavy sound that […]

When you think about it, the rising popularity of vinyl is a bit of a paradox. The time we live in is one of convenient, one click, plug-and-play technology, while the act of listening to a vinyl record is a slow, somewhat labor intensive process. Regardless of what factors may be influencing this shift, I am […]

STAFF PICKS kimber – here we go magic, twilight sad lindsay – wilco, holly golightly dario – here we go magic jeff – deerhunter, here we go magic   THIS WEEK’S NEW RELEASES   !!! – As If CD/2xLP+MP3 (Warp) Combining punk abandon and tightly-coiled dance music has always been bonded into !!!’s DNA. It’s this […]

Beach House has been a busy band this year, having released their critically acclaimed Depression Cherry not even two months ago, only to spring another release on us, seemingly created from thin air. Thank Your Lucky Stars is the newest full length from this Baltimore duo, and their 6th release since 2006. And, like Depression […]

Often scoffed at and regarded as one of the lesser forms of music media, it would seem the Cassette tape has long since gone the way of the slide rule or the home telephone. However, there is one factor that can save almost anyone or anything from permanent obsolescence…Music! This is apparent when you look at […]