For a full list of what is coming up near you, be sure to visit! Tickets for most of these shows are available in the store – come by and pick some up! Above photo of Floating Points at Crescent Ballroom.


  • October 1st – Bombino at The MIM
    Omar “Bombino” Moctar is a internationally celebrated Taureg guitarist and songwriter from Agadez, Niger. Like many other bands from this musical region, like Tal National and Tinariwen, his music is rooted in traditional African music, as well as middle eastern, folk, blues and rock. What ties them all together is just how incredibly passionate the music is. There is a lot of heart in Moctar’s songs. I may not understand the language he sings in, but It leaves me wanting to know more about what is inspiring this music with so much depth. The MIM is a perfect place to get lost in Bombino’s music.
  • October 16th – Tobie Milford & The Manuscripts at The Newton
    Tobie Milford has become a very important player in the Phoenix music scene. He breaks the boundaries of what a band or performance should be. He has performed solo, with just himself and violin, for years, as well as offering his talents to the rock band The Whisperlights, managing to cross over genres and styles with ease. Tobie has had his compositions performed by The Downtown Chamber Series, as well as shared the stage with these stellar musicians. Recently, he has put down his violin and allowed a string quartet and drummer carry the weight of his songs, while he adds to the momentum with his voice and keyboards. Whatever combination he is working with, he always manages to captivate his audience. This show will also feature other amazing local acts, like North Brother Island (fronted by our very own Dario Miranda) and Jake Arrington of Underground Cities. Do not miss this!


  • October 5th – Mark Kozelek at Crescent Ballroom
    I’m going into this one with zero expectations other than this man’s music affected my teenage years in a profound way, so I am forever indebted to him, and I somehow missed his late 90s Tempe appearance at Stinkweeds. Here’s hoping for a rundown of old and new material from Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon and solo man, without the drama.
  • October 14th – Sigur Ros at Orpheum Theater
    For anyone who didn’t sleep on getting tickets to this, you’re in for a real treat. To see this incredible band in a theater like Orpheum is as good as it gets. This one is sold out, go PHX. And if anyone has an extra ticket they want to sell me, hit me up 😉
  • October 15th – Helio Sequence at Valley Bar
    I’d recommend this band live to anyone, even if they’ve never heard them before. Their live energy and technical musicianship is on point. Like another favorite two-piece of mine, Wye Oak, this duo pulls out more stops than most full bands do live.also looking forward to True Widow at Last Exit 10/13, Ryley Walker at Valley Bar 10/16 and Hiss Golden Messenger at the Valley Bar 10/21. It’s gonna be a great season for us.


  • October 7th – Xylouris White at Valley Bar
    Xylouris White is the collaboration between Cretan lute master George Xylouris and drummer Jim White. I have long considered Jim White to be one of the most creative, original and underrated drummers out there. Where he may be most recognized is with his band Dirty Three, consisting of his Australian countrymen, Mick Turner and Warren Ellis, all of whom have worked with a number of musicians including Nick Cave, Cat Power, Will Oldham and Boxhead Ensemble. What Jim White brings to the table is a lose reinvention of what it means to be a drummer. He provides as much color and melody as the accompanying instruments. Perhaps this is why he is often asked to collaborate with only one other musician at a time; with Jim White you get a full rhythm section. Xylouris’ mastery of the lute and dynamic song structures is a perfect match for such an exciting drummer.
  • October 7th – Oh My Ears (OME) Fall Fundraiser at The Newton
    Ok, yes this is the same night as my other show pick. But ain’t that just how things are sometimes? It’s great to have a choice and maybe one of these shows sounds more your speed! OME is an annual music festival that features local, classically trained musicians, performing compositions by some of the most exciting composers living today. It also features local composers and new works debuted at the OME fest. This fundraiser will feature a taste of the type of performances you may see at the next OME fest as well as some music you might not hear at the fest, but will definitely enjoy, while supporting the amazing series. You could also win some prizes from Stinkweeds and other local businesses.


  • October 6th – Ex-Cult & Power at The Rebel Lounge with Red Tank! & Wax Castle
    This will be a super rad, very noisy night at Rebel – I’m not very familiar with Ex-Cult & Power but have heard great things, and the local support from Red Tank! & Wax Castle is a perfect fit to open for them.
  • October 24th – LVL UP at The Rebel Lounge with Twin Ponies & The Expos
    I had the pleasure of catching LVL UP a year or two ago in Scottsdale and I’m really enjoying their newest album they just released on Sub Pop – do yourself a favor and catch these guys on the rise!
  • October 25th – Preoccupations (formerly Viet Cong) at Valley Bar
    These guys are one of my favorite bands around right now – their record released early last year was probably my favorite release of 2015, and I’m already really enjoying their album that came out this month.
  • October 30th – Caspian & The Appleseed Cast at The Rebel Lounge
    Caspian always puts on an amazing show and I’m really looking forward to seeing The Appleseed Cast in a small room with such great sound – this is a great pair.