We don’t like it any more than you do, but the Friday after Thanksgiving has become the tradition for holiday shopping, and as one of your neighborhood local shopping destinations, we feel it is our duty to offer an alternative to the madness of malls and big box stores. Stinkweeds works hard to keep your money in the community, by using local suppliers, banks, and services, and this sense of community translates into a friendly environment that welcomes you as a fan of music and a neighbor. So you can keep your blood pressure low, and your spirits high, knowing that your hard earned money is being spent at a store that values you as a member of their community and treats you as such. Because you choose to shop with us and other local businesses, you are worthy of much appreciation and thanks.

To show our appreciation for your support, here a a few of the special things we have going on this Black Friday:

Black Friday “Record Store Day” Special Releases


Every year, the fine folks involved with Record Store Day do a small, limited run of vinyl to add some exclusive options to your holiday shopping. Just like the Record Store Day titles that are released in April, we order just about everything on the list! Also like Record Store Day, we are often surprised with just how many of these limited releases we end up getting in! With our new store layout, we’ve made it easier to navigate Black Friday releases and shop for our regular stock at the same time.

We will be opening the store at 10am on Friday, November 25th, for anyone anxious to get their hands on one of these limited items. There are a few rules, regarding the RSD titles:

  • RSD releases are limited one title per customer
  • RSD titles are first come, first serve
  • We can not hold any titles before or on the 25th, but after the 25th we will hold any that we have left
  • RSD titles cannot be sold before the 25th

Click Here for a Complete List of RSD Black Friday Exclusive Titles

Black Friday Sidewalk Sale!

On Black Friday, all day long, we will have crates full of LPs and CDs, all sale priced from 40% to 80% off! These titles will be separate from all of our regular priced stock, outside and easy to browse.

Gift Ideas!

Music! Because Who Doesn’t Love Music?!


Obviously, this is our “thing.” We love music and, if you’re reading this blog post, we’re sure you do to. We get the struggle that comes with buying someone else music. It can be a very personal thing and this makes it hard to find that perfect album that will speak to someone else’s taste, while also sharing in a little bit of what you enjoy. This is no easy task, but with a little bit of information from you, it can be done. Need help finding some new music for a friend or family member? We suggest coming up with a list of maybe 3 to 5 artists that they enjoy, as well as a few things you like, and we’ll gladly work with you on finding that perfect gift. At the moment, we are VERY well stocked with a wide variety of eras and genres to choose from. All we need from you is some direction.

Record Players! Old & New Gear For Old & New Listeners!


We are well stocked up on record players for a wide range of budgets and needs. We are well stocked on vintage gear, such as turntables, receivers, speakers, cassette decks and more, all of which have been inspected and refurbished. We also keep some newer models around. Here are just a few that we try to keep well stocked.

crosleyCrosley Turntables:
We have a variety of Crosley portable players for those small spaces or the kid going off to college. These players are adorable, easy to use, and perfect for the first time record listener.




We carry two different models of Audio-Technica record players. These are just about the best players you can get in this price range. Perfect for someone looking for a little more quality or an upgrade without breaking the bank.

audiotechlp120Audio Technica LP-120:
This model is based on the classic Technics SL1200, which has become an industry standard for professional DJs and an icon of vinyl culture, known for it’s durability, precision and simple sleek design. The LP-160 does a fantastic job of matching those expectation. This turntable has a built in pre-amp for easy connection to whatever system you may be plugging into.


atlp60Audio Technica LP-60:
This sturdy little turntable is a great option if you’re looking for versatility and reliability. It it fully automatic, which makes for ease of use, and it has a built in pre-amp, ready to be plugged into a home system, computer speakers or any other powered speakers or monitors.


victrolaVictrola Modern Bluetooth Stereo Turntable / with Speakers:
This is the newest edition to our stock of record players. This is the best sound you’re going to get out of the box. With detached, stereo, 50 watt speakers, you can get nice and loud with this one. It’s all there and ready to plug and play. It also has a bluetooth option, to play music off of your wireless devices…but we all know you’re just going to play records on it.


Accessories & Stocking Stuffers!


blue sw tIn addition to a few band t-shirts, we are well stocked on our Stinkweeds t-shirts! We have sizes for men and women ranging from small to 3XL. We’re coming up on our 30th anniversary and plan on unveiling a new design, so these won’t be around forever!



Box Sets!


When you’re a hard core fan of music, just an album won’t do! You need to get that BOX SET!

Books, Cassettes, Slipmats, Headphones, Record Cleaners, Magazines, Concert Tickets & A Bunch Of Other Things You Can Fit Into A Stocking!


Thanks for your business!

We are all too aware of the big box stores and major chains, with their high dollar advertising, that seems to be at every turn this time of year. This is why we truly appreciate your business. You have taken the time to seek out something special and unique to enjoy and share with others. This is all we need to keep businesses like ours thriving. We think a strong community of local establishments can define a city and it’s people. The best we can do is offer something that is of value to you, but you are the ones who keep it alive. Again, thank you for this!

While you’re out there, doing your shopping, you should stop by and visit our neighbors. We think you’ll find some really great things, sold by some really great people.

Here’s a list of some other great local shops, all within a quarter mile of our store:

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