We would like to give an enormous thank you to everyone who joined us for Record Store Day this year. It’s always such a heartwarming sight, to show up at 8am to a line of eager, friendly faces. Some familiar and some new, waiting to show their appreciation for record stores and the diverse world of music that keeps us going.

To reflect on what was our busiest day, EVER, we just wanted to share some photos and some thoughts on the day.


If you missed out, we still have some RSD titles in stock. You’re more than welcome to give us a call and see if we have what you were looking for. Or better yet, stop by and browse what’s left. I think you’ll find there’s still some pretty good titles. Maybe not the most popular ones. But hey, you’re an individual who likes to go against the grain. Take pride in your weird taste!



Look at this friendly and helpful group of individuals. It always warms our hearts to see our customers helping each other out on Record Store Day. No pushing and shoving. No fighting over the last copy. Just excited music lovers, happy to be part of the record store family.







 I mean, look at these faces! Who wouldn’t want to be part of this crew?!









It’s not easy throwing a party at 9am. But, it helps to have a killer DJ. Of course, we call on DJ Bruce, because he gets what a record store shopper wants to hear.







DJ Brandon closed out the party at our neighbors house, with his brand of “record store music”!

This year, we took the party down the street to our neighbors at The Newton (Changing Hands / First Draft Book Bar) for our very first RSD After Party! Let’s face it, the third Saturday in April is maybe a little too hot to have an all day party outside. Also, you’ve got places to be! You need to hit up all those record stores to get your hands on the goods! ALSO, we’re stuck inside, all day! What’s the point of throwing a party if we can’t enjoy the fun! So, we think this will be a new tradition for us. Yes, at the end of the day, we are wiped out and ready for bed. But we’re not going to pass up a cold drink with friends! After all, it is a holiday!

Speaking of cold drinks…. This year we teamed up with First Draft Book Bar and Dogfish Head Brewery to bring the official beer of Record Store Day, “Beer To Drink Music To.” Along with crates of this stuff, they also hooked us up with some awesome prizes, including a Dogfish Head, limited RSD record player! If you’re looking to get your hands on this, you’re going to have to wait till next year this one was raffled off to a lucky winner…AND, all that raffle money went to a great organization!



Girls Rock Phoenix!

Listen, we know girls can rock like it’s nobody’s business. But maybe people need some reminding now and then. Girls Rock Phoenix is doing an ass kicking job of empowering girls to find their voices in the loudest and proudest way possible. We were more than happy to have them be part of this event and the recipient of all the raffle money. Their camp works on a sliding scale, so no one is excluded from joining in the fun. This raffle earned them over $200, which will make it possible for many more campers to learn all the skills that go into melting faces. We think that is a worthy cause.



From all of us at Stinkweeds, we really do appreciate your support. It’s no easy task to pull off Record Store Day. We’re a small store, with a small staff and it really does take a lot to prepare for RSD. But, it’s all worth it to see everyone coming together to celebrate music. We know this is all gushy and so un-record store like. But, music is about community, to us. We love our little neighborhood and the businesses that surround us. We see such a diversity of faces coming through our door. We have heartfelt conversations about music and so much more. This is a place of civility and mutual respect. And, it all exist in real life, with real people! I think we could all get on board with that.


Thanks again, from all of us at Stinkweeds.

Kimber, Lindsay, Brittany, Dario