For a full list of what is coming up near you, be sure to visit! Tickets for most of these shows are available in the store – come by and pick some up! LINDSAY’S PICKS July 28 Pharoah Sanders Quartet MIM Perhaps the best tenor saxophonists in the world, Pharoah Sanders is on tour and his […]

STAFF PICKS Kimber – Washed Out Lindsay – Floating Points Dario – Beach House Brittany- The Coathangers THIS WEEK’S NEW RELEASES Lee Bains III + The Glory Fires – Youth Detention CD/LP (Don Giovanni) Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at Battletapes with engineer Jeremy Ferguson and producer Tim Kerr, Lee Bains III + The Glory Fires’ […]

I recently learned of an outlandish theory that the human race was outcast from another planet and that our species was not meant for this world. The main “evidence” of this is the fact that we don’t seem to be acclimated to any climate. Taken out of our manufactured comforts the human race may dwindle […]

STAFF PICKS Kimber – Jeff Tweedy Lindsay – Deslondes, King Gizzard & the Wizard Lizard Dario – The Monks Brittany- Algiers, King Gizzard & the Wizard Lizard, The Monks THIS WEEK’S NEW RELEASES Algiers – The Underside Of Power CD/LP+MP3 (Matador) Algiers are a politically conscious indie rock trio who combine elements of post-punk and […]

A common topic discussed at the shop is our relationship to our parents’ music. For so many it clearly shapes their own taste. It doesn’t always work out that we listen to what our parents listen to. Sometimes it’s all about finding our own thing or maybe even rebelling against our parents’ taste. In either […]

STAFF PICKS Kimber – Ride Lindsay – Kevin Morby and Sonhoy Blues Dario – Fleet Foxes and Larkin Grimm Brittany- Kevin Morby, Ride, Big Star THIS WEEK’S NEW RELEASES Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – Louie Louie Louie CD/LP (Savoy) The incomparable kings of swing return with an electrifying celebration of jazz legends Louie Armstrong, Louie Jordan […]

  Big Thief – Capacity [Saddle Creek] Big Thief’s previous masterpiece, Masterpiece, caught my attention in such a subtle way that it was almost missed, entirely. In fact, after several listens and once it had finally sunk in how amazing this album was, I shared it with a friend, only to be reminded that I had seen the […]