June 1, 2017

June Show Picks!

For a full list of what is coming up near you, be sure to visit SilverPlatter.info! Tickets for most of these shows are available in the store – come by and pick some up!


  • June 7 -Hurray for the Riff Raff- Crescent Ballroom
    Alynda Lee and her band of gypsy folk throw a great little party! Her new album, The Navigator, is quite a departure, in a great way. Don’t miss this live performance!
  • June 15 -Dustbowl Revival – MIM
    A wonderful group of talented and kind folk musicians. Thrilled to see The Dustbowl Revival continues to pass through every time. Don’t miss a chance to see there charmers at the MIM.
  • June 18 -The Black Lips- Crescent Ballroom
    Haven’t seen these garage rock stalwarts in ages. Looking forward to hearing their long overdue new material!


  • June 4 -Girls Rock! Pix Camper Showcase- Trunk Space
    I’ve been extremely lucky to witness the progression of this camp, first hand, as a sound tech. All of the amazing instructors and volunteers are clearly contributing to the future of rock n roll by sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge with a group of kids who are eager to “stand up, clap their hands, claim their space and start a band” as their daily anthem reminds them to do, first thing every morning. The best music comes from people who stand for something. Not only is Girls Rock! Phx teaching music and songs; they are teaching just as much about the importance of individuality, community, confidence and all the tools needed to shout it loud and proud. This all culminates in a showcase of bands, formed over a week, with varying levels of musical experience, all eager to take the stage and melt some faces.
  • June 7 -Cave Singers- Valley Bar
    I’ve seen Cave Singers a handful of time, over the last decade or so. They are a band that found a simple sound that works for them, and they stuck to it. With just a guitar, drums and vocals, they create driving, rhythmic rock that pulls a lot from early folk and blues, without sounding too derivative and maintaining some very specific elements that separate them from many other bands who pull from such classics. There have been subtle changes to their sound, over the years, but they have maintained the simple, exciting sound that always make it work seeing them live. The Valley Bar is a very fitting venue for this band.
  • June 20 -Girlpool- The Rebel Lounge
    If this month’s picks have a theme of Girls rocking out and simplicity, Girlpool is the bridge between the two. Girlpool is yet another band with simple, effortless arrangements, filled out with blended harmonies that all come together as one rich tone that conveys something that sounds much bigger than two (three at the most) musicians playing simple parts. Great for fans of early to mid 2000s folk pop and K Records rock n’ roll. Looking forward to hearing this executed live.


  • June 17 -A Giant Dog- The LBX
    Pile, their first major release on Merge was one of my favorite releases last year. This record was filled with catchy hook driven punk songs that I loved. Recently featured in Netflix series, Girlboss, this show is a must see.
  • June 18 -Black Lips- Crescent Ballroom
    Garage band The Black Lips have never disappointed in a live show! Their new record is fantastic! I look forward to hearing these new songs live, as well as old favorites.
  • June 28 -Ron Gallo/White Reaper/Jacuzzi Boys- Valley Bar
    There are too many great bands on this show! The new White Reaper record is great and The Jacuzzi Boys have cranked out some of my favorite garage/punk/love songs. I can’t wait for this!