I recently learned of an outlandish theory that the human race was outcast from another planet and that our species was not meant for this world. The main “evidence” of this is the fact that we don’t seem to be acclimated to any climate. Taken out of our manufactured comforts the human race may dwindle down to ice age numbers again. This may be true (The acclimated part. Not the alien race part). However, we must consider that our ingenuity has, perhaps, stunted some of the evolutionary processes that might have lead to a more acclimated human body. For those of us living in these desert climates, with 120 degree summers; ¬†along with shelter, refrigeration, spf 30 sunscreen and other superficial barriers to the heat, we have also had to convince ourselves that this hellish landscape is not only livable, but enjoyable. So, we take up water based recreation or gather outdoors for cold drinks and BBQ. All the while, choosing to ignore the fact that we are but hours away from a fiery demise. Of course, this sort of blissful ignorance is further sedated with the calming, hypnotic nature of music. So, to contribute to this misguided behavior of going outside, we chose 3 newly released (or soon to be released) songs that will fit nicely with with cool drinks, clear waters and the ever looming eye of Ra, giving undying warning to all that we are not long for this world.

Micheal Nau – “Wonder” (From Some Twists)

This is the song that inspired this post. This song yanks you out of your cubicle, shoves a mojito in your hand, pushes you into a patio chair, and yell’s RELAX! That’s right, it’s aggressively chill. This is a potent blend of Lowrider Oldies Comp R&B, Pink Floydesque sliding guitar lines and passive piano melodies, and a little Harry Nilsson “Everybody Talkin’.” Just try not to relax to this. Resistance is futile.

Fleet Foxes – “Cassius” (From Crack-Up)

Fleet Foxes has finally come out of their damp caves to share the soothing, etherial sounds of their unique brand of baroque pop. Although Cassius might be a very “on the nose” selection for this list, opening the track with recordings of lapping waves, lyrics of water and rivers and, of course, the soothing harmonies that Fleet Foxes has become known for, it can’t be ignored that this band embodies everything you would expect to come out of the rainy utopia that is the North West United States. We can use as much of that as we can get.

The Como Mamas – Out of the Wilderness (From Move Upstairs)

For my 21st birthday, I was fortunate enough to be gifted two tickets fro the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. One of the greatest discoveries at this event was what they were calling the “Revival Tent.” This is where they featured a nonstop showcase of some of the best gospel groups in the country. The word “revival” can take on a few different meanings, in this context, but spending the day walking from stage to stage in the thick humidity of New Orleans, motivation would occasionally start to waiver. I quickly found the most effective way to recharge was to pop into the Revival Tent and be washed in the cool waters of some of the most powerful and energizing music that exists. The Como Mamas, with a little help from Daptone Records achieves this level of energy and respite from the elements.