For a full list of what is coming up near you, be sure to visit! Tickets for most of these shows are available in the store – come by and pick some up!


July 28 Pharoah Sanders Quartet MIM
Perhaps the best tenor saxophonists in the world, Pharoah Sanders is on tour and his coming to Phoenix. Easily one of the most important of free jazz’s early days, Sanders is still performing. With William Henderson, piano; Nat Reeves, bass; and Joe Farnsworth, drums. The MIM is a treasure, in our backyard, make sure to pay attention to their calendar, it is truly a gem.

July 23 Nicolas Jaar at Crescent
Minimaslist electronic artist Nicolas Jaar returns to town. I’ve never had the chance to see him perform before. I’m always more than curious to see how this translates live. Get your tickets now, this show sold out the last time he was in town!

July 29 Froth at Valley Bar
Yeaaaah, Froth is coming back! One of our favorite releases and instores of the year was from Froth! They do a wonderful job mixing 90s shoegaze sound with current guitar fuzz pop. A solid show, and with BEAR STATE on the bill!


Pharoah Sanders Quartet – @ The MIM – July 28th
Pharoah Sanders is, at the same time, one of the living legends of Jazz music and a link back to so many of the great musicians of the past. He recorded nearly a dozen albums with John Coltrane, including the pivotal album, Ascension. He has also recorded and played with Don Cherry, Sun Ra, Alice Coltrane, Ornette Coleman and many other important names in Jazz. Pharoah Sanders was my introduction into the harder edges of jazz, at a very young age. In our house, it wasn’t our typical meal time listening. But, on occasion, my dad would put on an album and talk us through the wild sounds we were hearing. I’m pretty sure Sanders, along with Coltrane, is the reason I love jazz, to this day. And, also probably responsible for my siblings aversion to it. Admittedly, he’s not for everyone. But, if it hits you, it hits you hard.

Future Storms / Craig Brown Band – The Lunchbox – July 7thThe Lunchbox is the kind of venue you don’t see as much, these days. Live music has become quite a marketable commodity, in the past few years. With more and more venues popping up and, seemingly, a new festival every month, the live music world has been saturated with big name artists and hot tickets. But, it’s important to support and explore the lesser known bands. Any live music lover who was around Phoenix 10 years ago could brag about the countless shows seen at Modified and Trunk Space with bands that have gone on to fill huge concert halls and even win grammy’s. It’s a real treat to see bands when they’re under the radar and don’t give a shit what people think about their music, and have the freedom to explore ideas. This is what venues like the Lunchbox and Trunkspace are promoting. This show is a perfect example. Future Storms and Craig Brown Band have the energy of bands that are doing this for the love of it. That’s an important thing to support.

Palm – Valley Bar – July 17th I imagine seeing Palm live is one of those experiences that leave you confused and overjoyed. There’s a delicate art to creating music that experiments and plays with time, rhythm and noise, at the same time remaining energetic and, on some level, accessible. There are many bands who have mastered this art and have gone on to have successful careers, despite playing music that seems to challenge the listener to just give up. Bands like Deerhoof, Lightning Bolt and Hella come to mind. Anything that might be pinned down as “math-y” may warrant the immediate scrutiny of being weird for weird sake. But, from what I’ve heard from Palm, there is plenty of substance and raw energetic creativity.


July 7 Guitar Wolf at Rebel Lounge
Japanese garage rock trio Guitar Wolf bring loud guitars and noise influenced punk to Rebel Lounge! This show is a must see for fans of Thee Mighty Caesars or Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

July 19 Las Pinas at Valley Bar
Latin garage/surf duo, Las Pinas released their 3rd ep this year. These songs are infectiously catchy and wildly fun! If you love La Luz, do not miss this show!

July 20 Young Mothers at Valley Bar
This local show with Young Mothers, Strange Lot, and Counsel Bluffs. From rock  songs to psych, this night is the best way to send a Thursday!