Before we dive in, please know that this is, in no way, a valentines bashing party and in no way an attempt to minimize the strong feelings some feel for others. Rather, this is an uneducated analysis of the role music has played in the development of our modern feelings of love. We are discussing […]

We Take A Look At Some Of The Great New Music Out Now & Coming Out Soon We have an ever growing wall of promotional CDs sent to us by different labels for in-store play. We try to give them all a good “once over” but sometimes they’ll get lost in the shuffle, so we wanted […]

Here is the fifth installment of “Alphabetized Into Obscurity – A Journey Into the Unknown.” It’s no challenge for us to find some awesome unknowns tucked throughout the store. So once more, we’ve picked five records in the hopes of finding a hidden treasure and to perhaps inspire you to journey into the unknown corners of your local record […]

We’re a couple of weeks into 2017, and the sentiment of moving forward is still hanging strong in the air, but as we’ve discussed before on this blog, music doesn’t really work that way! At least really awesome music doesn’t. Fans of music are not confined to passing trends and the “hot new thing.” We […]

Dom Flemons is a well regarded “American Songster” and keeper of many flames of folk music and traditions. He was one of the founding members of the Grammy Award Winning folk group the Carolina Chocolate Drops. More recently, he has released a number of solo albums and extensively toured the US and overseas, playing to […]

DON’T PANIC! We’ve put a lot of thought into the perfect gifts for the music lovers in your life and we are ready to help you round out your holiday shopping with some awesome gifts that will help either convince or confirm your position as the coolest friend/relative/co-worker/spouse EVER! MUSIC! Of course we have a […]

We’ve decided to extend our Black Friday Sale through the rest of this year! We’ve been going through the stacks of records and CDs that we sale priced for Black Friday, and we just think there’s too much good stuff that deserves to find a home! We are extending our big CD & LP sale through […]