We’re a couple of weeks into 2017, and the sentiment of moving forward is still hanging strong in the air, but as we’ve discussed before on this blog, music doesn’t really work that way! At least really awesome music doesn’t. Fans of music are not confined to passing trends and the “hot new thing.” We […]

It’s that time of year again! We’ve closely examined this year in music and accomplished the nearly impossibly task of picking our Top Five favorites for 2016! We’ve also brought a few of our friends and favorite customers along to mix it up a bit. There were a lot of great albums released this year, and we’ve […]

As we enter into the seasonal limbo that is somewhere between the summer and fall, we reflect on the space between changes. The summer opens its arms to anthems of good times and the fall embraces the cozier fireplace fare. For us Phoenicians, the heat may linger for a few months, leaving us with only […]

Chris Staples – Golden Age [Barsuk] I usually don’t go for nostalgia or reminiscing. I’m not interested in what could have been or what was, but when I listen to Golden Age, which is a deep reflection of the past, I can’t help but think that, gun to my head, this is the nostalgia album […]

Stinkweeds is working with The Newton (Changing Hands & First Draft Book Bar) on a series of live music events. This Friday, July 15th, we are thrilled to present Qais Essar and the Qosmonauts as they share the evening with you and fellow musicians to celebrate the release of Qais Essar’s newest album Tavern of […]

It’s been a great year for music. As we roll into the second half of 2016, we’ll keep sharing some of the best albums that roll past our radar. Thanks for reading and listening! Andy Shauf – The Party [Anti-] You’ll get no complaints out of me regarding the growing trend towards “smooth” music. Born […]

Kacy & Clayton – Strange Country (New West) There’s no contesting the enduring nature of folk music. Even in between “revivals” and “waves” of folk entering and exiting the zeitgeist, you can always find a wealth of artists carrying the torch for the roots of most modern songs. While it’s usually split between more traditional styles […]