That festival wave just keeps coming! As bands criss cross the country, Phoenix is lucky enough to catch more than it can handle in it’s net of awesome venues. Here are just a few shows we’re excited about! To be honest, we’re more excited about one of these, over the others. We’ll let you guess […]

With the 20th Anniversary release of Radiohead’s Ok Computer OKNOTOK we wanted to share some other albums that turn 20 this year, that are still worth all the hype. While top 40 radio was bombarding listeners with boy bands and The Spice Girls, some truly incredible releases came out in 1997, here are some of our […]

Helvetia – Dromomania (Joyful Noise) Jason Albertini of Helvetia was an early installation of the Northwestern sound of the 90s and 2000s, having played with Northern California bands like Duster, recording with Xiu Xiu and Dinosaur Jr.’s Mike Johnson, and more recently playing bass with Built to Spill. I think this is why it’s so […]