Where Did the Silverplatter.info Page Go?!

We’ve wrapped the best parts of silverplatter.info into the Stinkweeds Blog! We’ll keep this page full of show recommendation, so you can fill your calendar with concert after concert!

Here are just a few upcoming shows that we’re excited about!

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Stinkweeds Crew

Dario’s Picks

Brokeback / Tara Jane O’neil / L.A. Takedown
@ Film Bar – December 20th

Brokeback is the long running solo outfit of Douglas McCombs (Tortoise, Sea & Cake). This project, as well as Tara Jane O’neil have been two favorites, definitely within the top 15 “all time.” This will be the first time I’ve seen either group. I saw L.A. Takedown open for the Sea & Cake in Tucson. I was familiar with their newest album, in fact, it ended up on one of our Stinkweeds monthly five favorites. They are the perfect, energetic addition to these shows. Each band has a cinematic quality to it. How appropriate that this show is being held in a movie theater.

Kronos Quartet
@ The Musical Instrument Museum – January 19th & 20th

In the “classical” world, the composer tends to get all the credit. But, throughout history, there have been performers who inspire new music. Composers generally write within the limits of the players. An ensemble like Kronos quartet challenges those limits. Not only with technical proficiency, but with their interest. This has lead to a long career, working directly with composers like Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Arvo Part, George Crumb, with over 900 pieces written specifically for this group. That’s a lot of music that might not have existed if not for 4 musicians willing to take some chances that no one else was willing to take.

@ Crescent Ballroom – February 5th

For a band that is over two decades old, there is no sign of slowing down. They just released their 8th album and it’s just as fresh as the first. This is hard to believe since this is technically a “supergroup,” consisting of member of other, very successful projects, such as Neko Case. I was always under the impression that the success of a band relied heavily on a steady rehearsal schedule and lots of time spent together. It seems The New Pornogrophers have found some little bit of magic that allows them to maintain their own busy schedules and come together for a brief period of time to record an amazing album and tour the globe with some of the best power pop around!


Paula’s Picks 

Saint Motel
@ The Van Buren – February 21st

Tennis w/ Molly Burch
@ Crescent Ballroom – April 8th





Lindsay’s Picks

Iris Dement
@ The MIM – December 14th





Gabriel’s Picks

New Pornographers
@ Crescent Ballroom – February 5th

Silverplatter Crew

Iris’s Picksdso

Na Leo Pilimehana
@ Mesa Arts Center – December 19th

… I was JUST telling someone about how when you grow up in Hawaii, you sing the 12 Days of Christmas a wee bit different and now I come to find that Na Leo is playing AZ just in time for the holidays and they’ll likely be playing their version… um, yeah, I could go for that kind of musical nostalgia to get me in the holiday spirit! I always remember my mom, who worked for Bank of Hawaii saying that one of the members worked at the bank…

Thievery Corporation/Brazilian Girls
@ Van Buren – December 14th

I remember thinking this Washington DC based band was from someplace in Europe and loving all the singers they collaborate with… my introduction to them was The Richest Man In Babylon–more specifically the track Until the Morning, sung by a favorite Icelandic singer of mine, Emilana Torrini. Cut to Stinkweeds Record Store Day 2014 and the duo is still making music that I like–bossa nova and worldly tinged… and collaborating with more singers of interest, this time Lou Lou who has been featured on Nouvelle Vague tracks. Liek Nouvelle Vague and Zero 7, they create atmospheric chill out vibes–and I get into that on occassion.

Breakup Shoes
@ Crescent Ballroom – December 28th

Local band alert: Breakup shoes having a tour stop at Crescent Ballroom before heading out on a national tour!

Miniature Tigers
@ Rebel Lounge – January 19th

Very impressed with their latest album, Vampires in the Daylight. Would love to see Caged Bird and Anything else live… along with tunes from earlier albums.

Juliana Hatfield
@ Crescent Ballroom – January 24th

Juliana was my first show in AZ… all the way back in December of ’97… listening to her new record makes me think on how much I love aging with an artist… the topics in their lyrics seem to become more relate-able… time and age factoring into them in that universal way. I’ll cross my fingers for a song from the album I loved the most from her–Only Everything.

@ Marquee Theater – February 4th

I’ve always loved Atmosphere’s “lyrical fight to find happiness” as stated in their Spotify bio. My introduction to them was the single Sunshine and I listen to it when I need to calm anxiety and just want to slow down and get into a more positive state of mind.

The New Pornographers
@ Crescent Ballroom – February 5th

This band always gives a great live show experience.

Kat Edmonson
@ SMOCA – February 15th

I was introduced to Kat from a few very well chosen covers… The Cure and the Cardigans… Check check and check… curious as to her own work, but if her choice of covers is all I have to go by… sounds like it will be a good show. The first song I heard that was her own was Lucky which has a Hotel Cafe vibe… her latest has hear doing her originals that sound like old standards… which is very much her aesthetic.

Andy Shauf
@ Crescent Ballroom – February 18th

When I saw this, I nearly jumped out of my seat and immeidately forwarded the upcoming record and Phoenix show to my friend that loves Andy’s work even more than I do! We even put on a pop up event with the cover of his last record as the aesthetic for what we wanted it to be as a guide. This is probably the upcoming show I am most excited about.

@ Crescent Ballroom  – February 29th

Though they have a country-rock-pop vibe they did catch my ear on my yearly SXSW Research despite being a bit more mainstream in feel… Their tune White Flag has a sound similar to The Lumineers Ho Hey and a vocal output that is akin to Florence + The Machine in power.

Mannequin Pussy opening for Best Coast
@ Rebel Lounge – March 31st

I saw this sometimes soft but more often loud band open for Japanese Breakfast a few years back and despite their decibels heading off the charts with vocals that go from soft and dreamy to as far as snarls and screams, they still captivated me by their range and power.

@ Valley Bar – April 5th

This band must’ve been a Spotify Discover weekly discovery

@ Rebel Lounge – April 7th

Elvis in the freezer was my introduction to Ratboys from SXSW music researching… I got to see them perform that song when they opened for Vundabar at Rebel Lounge. Hearing more of their songs live I kept having a thought that they reminded me of another band… and then I relized the band I

@ Crescent Ballroom – April 24th 

The first and last I saw Polica was at the Crescent Ballroom… Phoenix has always loved her and I’m sure we’ll give her a warm welcome.

Real Estate
@ Crescent Ballroom – May 10th 

Sun tinged indie rock… that’s what Real Estate outputs… if that’s your vibe… head over to Crescent Ballroom!