Where Did the Silverplatter.info Page Go?!

We’ve wrapped the best parts of silverplatter.info into the Stinkweeds Blog! We’ll keep this page full of show recommendation, so you can fill your calendar with concert after concert!

Here are just a few upcoming shows that we’re excited about!

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Stinkweeds Crew

Dario’s Picks


Brittany Howard
@ Van Buren – March 21st

If you’re a fan of Alabama Shakes, I’m sure you’re pumped up for this one. Personally, Howard really caught my attention on the new solo outing Jaime. It has all the energy of the Shakes but with some really daring choices that make the songs really come to life.

@ Crescent Ballroom – April 8th

I’ve always appreciated what Tennis has put out into the world. But, that whole “upbeat” vibe just isn’t my thing. However, when I saw that Molly Burch (past Stinkweeds Instore performer) was opening the show, I decided I was going and I decided that I would give Tennis another good listen. Their new album is just delightful! I’ll go for the Molly Burch, but I think I’ll stay for the Tennis.

Libby Rodenbough / Trippers & Askers
@ The Newton – April 25th

Libby Rodenbough is the violinist for the folk band Mipso. Her solo work is full of discovery and risk taking, with a strong grounding in her roots as a folk musician. This will be a lovely show for the kind of attentive listening experience you get at the Newton.

One Eleven Heavy
@ Film Bar – May 5th

One Eleven Heavy is a the newest project from Wooden Wand’s, James Toth. This is his sort of “tribute” to his love of 60s & 70s psych-folk-rock bands, like the Grateful Dead, Crazy Horse & Little Feat. This is all approached with that weirdo folkster vibe you can expect from any James Toth outfit. As a special treat, this evening will be shared with locals The Summoning Orchestra, bringing their smart brand of 60s psych-pop. This will all be rounded out by an actual, real life liquid light show, presented by Dirty Work Light Show, projected onto the giant screen at Film Bar. This will be an event not to miss.

@ Crescent Ballroom – May 15th

Natalie Mering released, what I consider, one of the best albums in 2019. If I had to pick a favorite show from 2019, it would likely be Weyes Blood at Valley Bar. On the surface, the songs have an unmistakable 70s, light, folk rock influence. But, underneath is a galaxy of etherial soundscapes and twists and turns that could take a lifetime to absorb. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

@ Crescent Ballroom -October 13th

Ty Segall is one of the most energetic and engaging performers I’ve seen. His stage presence has all the theatrics and unhinged creepiness of a young Ozzy Osbourne. The tunes have those infectious, classic hooks that you can play over and over and never get tired of. I get the feeling that being in this band has got to be so incredibly satisfying.

Paula’s Picks 

Tennis w/ Molly Burch
@ Crescent Ballroom – April 8th




@ Rebel Lounge – March 22nd

@ Crescent Ballroom – March 30ths





Silverplatter Crew

Iris’s Picks

Palehound vs. Willetta as part of the FEM Series event
@ Rebel Lounge – March 6th

Love Palehound’s sound… so I gotta see the live show… but there’s also this cool FEM Series event that Willetta is playing… can I split like a cell and go to both… or will there set times coordinate for me to do so?
Pink Martini
@ Orpheum Theatre Phoenix – March 25th

I like how worldy this band is… singing songs no matter the language…


Ringo Deathstarr/Citrus Clouds/Dovi
@ Rebel Lounge – March 26th

These Texan and Local based bands just fit together so nicely! Saw them with Blushing in the summertime and that would be the only thing to make this show cooler… for Blushing to also be on the bill for a Quartet of AWESOME Shoegazy bands!

Nap Eyes @ Valley Bar -March 30th

Nap Eyes really impressed me when they opened for fellow Canadian, , and reminded me of Luna… and Bear State is opening?! Bring it!

Mannequin Pussy opening for Best Coast
@ Rebel Lounge – March 31st

I saw this sometimes soft but more often loud band open for Japanese Breakfast a few years back and despite their decibels heading off the charts with vocals that go from soft and dreamy to as far as snarls and screams, they still captivated me by their range and power.

@ Valley Bar – April 5th

This band must’ve been a Spotify Discover weekly discovery


Chicano Batman/Crumb @ The Van Buren – April 8th

I love the chill vibes this band evokes with their brand of music… a SXSW research gem of a find… and Crumb as well… whaaatttt? This is a doubly good show to check out!

@ Rebel Lounge – April 7th

“Elvis In The Freezer” was my introduction to Ratboys from SXSW music researching… I got to see them perform that song when they opened for Vundabar at Rebel Lounge. Hearing more of their songs live I kept having a thought that they reminded me of another band… and then I realized the band I

Thom Yorke
@ Arizona Federal Theatre – April 13th

Oh to hear his first efforts live, especially from The Eraser… and what his solo work since then has evolved into… really can’t believe he’s making a stop in AZ!

@ Crescent Ballroom – April 24th 

The first and last time I saw Polica was at the Crescent Ballroom… Phoenix has always loved her and I’m sure we’ll give her a warm welcome.

TV Girl @ Crescent Ballroom – April 25th

I was introduced to this band on a Spotify suggestion with the song, The Blonde, which reminded me of a sunnier daytime version of The Cars song, Drive and was hooked. Line up has changed but I am game to see where the band has evolved to since their first album.

The Garden @ Crescent Ballroom – April 30th

I saw these guys open for Warpaint and they killed it. These Twins have on stage intensity for sure! Opening is George Clanton… hope he’s doing better since last he graced the CB stage… he was in a wheelchair!

Soccer Mommy @ Crescent Ballroom – May 2nd

This girl has grown a lot since she played her first show here in AZ at… Valley Bar, I think? Would like to see where her music has evolved into since then…

Real Estate
@ Crescent Ballroom – May 10th 

Sun tinged indie rock… that’s what Real Estate outputs… if that’s your vibe… head over to Crescent Ballroom!


Jens Lekman @ Crescent Ballroom – May 11th

Whaaa… Jens with his talk singing with quirky and profound lyrics is coming back to Crescent Ballroom… I say yes to that!


Weyes Blood @ Crescent Ballroom – May 15th

Oh to see Weyes Blood sing Andromeda live… I would bliss out to that!

Hinds @ Valley Bar – June 6th

Feel like getting rocked out… check this band from Spain out!

Jeff’s Picks

@ Rebel Lounge – March 6th

Horse Jumper Of Love
@ Lunchbox – March 23rd



Shell Of A Shell
@ Lunchbox – March 26th

Henri’s Picks

 Amanda Shires
@ The Musical Instrument Museum – March 17th


The Stakes
@ Monorchid (Free Show Every Wednesday w/ specials guests)

The Color 8
@ Monorchid – Every Friday

Pussy Riot
@ Crescent 4/15

Heart Bones
@ Valley Bar 4/16

Tony Bennett
@ Tucson Music hall 4/14 & Celebrity Theater 4/16

Motley Crue, Def Leppard
@ State Farm Stadium 7/25