Where Did the Silverplatter.info Page Go?!

Hello Supporters of Live Music!

First, let us say thank you for using silverplatter.info for all these years. For those of you who remember, the current Phoenix music scene is night and day from where we were 10 years ago when we launched Silverplatter to make it easier for people to find great live music across the valley. The fact that you used Silverplatter as a resource tells us that you are one of the reasons this city has become a major hub for touring live acts.

As you can see, we have made the difficult decision to take down the silverplatter.info site. The truth of it is that the live music scene in Phoenix has grown beyond our capacity to keep providing this service. When we started the site, the goal was to encourage people to go to shows and build on the budding music scene. We knew nothing about running a web site. We just knew that great music was happening in the city and we needed a great concert calendar to get people out to the shows. Now, with the rise in concert attendance, all the new venues and a number of great concert calendars, we had to take a hard look at our resources and all of these other sites that are now keeping track of shows and make the decision to pass the torch. Not wanting to abandon all the live music fans we’ve been in contact with, over the years, we decided to keep our social media sites, such as our facebook page and instagram active and to incorporate the “staff picks” into the Stinkweeds Record Store Blog. Stinkweeds also sells tickets to many shows around the valley and our website lists most, if not all of the tickets that we have available. This is a great resource for upcoming shows at Valley Bar, Crescent Ballroom, Rebel Lounge and a number of other small to medium sized venues. 


We are super grateful for your interest in live music and your support, throughout the years. We hope you’ll find a valuable resource in the Stinkweeds blog to help find the music you love. If you’re interested, you can also sign up for the Stinkweeds mailer, which will includes updates of our “show picks”, as well as information on new band releases and events happening at the shop.

Thank you for all your support!