STAFF PICKS check out our favorite releases from 2015!   THIS WEEK’S NEW RELEASES   Avett Brothers – Live, Vol. Four CD+DVD (Republic) Continuing the tradition of official concert releases, Live, Vol. Four captures last year’s sold out New Year’s Eve concert in Raleigh, NC at PNC Arena. This set contains two new songs; “Satan […]

The holidays are a strange and unusual time of year. Full grown trees are chopped down, only to be brought inside and decorated. Adults can show up for work, dressed as giant elves and be rewarded for this behavior. We collectively grow a fondness for English food and beverages, with strange pairings of ingredients, like drinks […]

STAFF PICKS kimber – marc lanegan lindsay – spoon dario – spoon, jennylee jeff – badly drawn boy   THIS WEEK’S NEW RELEASES   Badly Drawn Boy – The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast [Reissue/2000] 2xCD (XL) When The Hour Of Bewilderbeast was originally released in 2000, it was met with critical acclaim and won the […]

This has been a year full of change for us. More than any other year, we’ve seen so many new faces. Good music seems to be pouring out in a constant flow. Since we’re such a tiny store, we’ve had to make a lot of adjustments with these changes. It’s very important to us to keep […]

STAFF PICKS kimber – alan vega / alex chilton / ben vaughn lindsay – laddio bolocko, holy sons dario – sam amidon jeff – inventions   THIS WEEK’S NEW RELEASES   Sam Amidon – But This Chicken Proved Falsehearted [Reissue/2006] CD/LP+MP3 (Omnivore) Before Sam Amidon’s acclaimed albums for Nonesuch Records and Bedroom Community, he’d released a few on his […]

I feel a change in the air. Working at Stinkweeds, we have become sensitive to the ebb and flow of musical ideas and trends. Of course, music is constantly evolving and devolving. Both, the evolution and the devolution are crucial to these dramatic shifts. Influence from the music of the past is equally as important as […]

Here are just some of the awesome shows happening this month in the Valley! For a full list of what is coming up near you, be sure to visit! KIMBER’S PICKS December 8 – Nik Turner’s Hawkwind at The Rebel Lounge December 11 – Fine China at The Rebel Lounge LINDSAY’S PICKS December 13 – AA Bondy at […]