Here are just some of the awesome shows happening this month in the Valley! For a full list of what is coming up near you, be sure to visit!


  • December 8 – Nik Turner’s Hawkwind at The Rebel Lounge
  • December 11 – Fine China at The Rebel Lounge


  • December 13 – AA Bondy at Valley Bar
    Love this guy’s music! The last time I saw him, was the most intense show I’ve ever seen at the Rhythm Room. His moody folk will leave you speechless.
  • December 19 – J Fernandez at Crescent Ballroom
    J Fernandez’s Many Levels Of Laughter was one of my favorite releases this year! It wanders while engages.. A wonderful display of early electronica, psychedelia, folk and pop.
  • December 29 – Orkestra Mendoza at Crescent Ballroom
    A real treat everytime Sergio plays Phoenix. He throws a party with his ensemble that he arranges in the tiny bit of downtime he has when he’s not on the road with Calexico. Fan of Mambo, Psychedelia, Pop? Give it a try.
  • February 2 – Godspeed You! Black Emperor at Crescent Ballroom
    This show is pretty much sold out, if you don’t have your tickets by now…. This is a super rare treat to see this ensemble of musicians in town. Last showing of them in Phoenix was nearly 15 years ago at Modified Arts. Anyone who was at that show or who has heard a lick of their music knows this is not to be missed!


  • December 19 – J Fernandez with Slow Moses, Bear State and Dent at Crescent Ballroom
    There still hasn’t been a lot of buzz about J Fernandez, but it’s only a matter of time, in my opinion. His newest album is on constant rotation at Stinkweeds and always gets people’s attention. Just some solid, psyched out pop/rock n’ roll. Also, the local support is UNREAL! Definitely some of my favorite bands in town.
  • December 25 – A Very Crescent Christmas with Cherie Cherie, Roar and Pro Teens at Crescent Ballroom
    One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the late night meet up with friends. Why not pair that up with some awesome local bands at one of your favorite venues?


  • December 19 – J Fernandez with Slow Moses, Bear State and Dent at Crescent Ballroom
    Feeling very fortunate to be opening for this amazing show! J Fernandez put out one of my favorite albums of 2015 and I am extremely excited to see him perform at Crescent, especially with other local bands who are some of my very favorites in the state!
  • December 25 – Twin Ponies at The Rebel Lounge
    After sitting at home all day I enjoy heading out to do something fun each year on Christmas night. I’ll probably end up watching one of my current favorite bands (Twin Ponies) this year!