Haiku Show Reviews

When considering how to approach the contentious art of a “show review,” one must consider how¬†futile a task it can be. For whom does one write a show review? Are you writing it for those who were in attendance? A live performance is such an ephemeral thing, that to reflect on the experience through someone else’s eyes would be an empty practice. Perhaps you are writing it for those who were not in attendance. There is purpose in sharing an experience with someone who was not there. But, to be on the other end of that can be so tiresome, often wishing they would wrap it up with a simple “you had to be there.” So, we are left with self reflection. And, as with all self reflection, we must aim to quiet our minds of all the noise that comes with any experience and focus our thoughts to the simplest, most elemental form. How do we achieve this? Haiku Show Reviews!


A Haiku on Zella Day at The Rebel Lounge


A Haiku on El Ten Eleven at Crescent Ballroom


A Haiku On Rush at US Airways Center


A Haiku On Wooden Indian at Valley Bar


A Haiku On Other Lives at Crescent Ballroom


A Haiku on Juan Wauters at Valley Bar


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