Imagine yourself asleep in a tent, in the middle of the woods. You are awoken by an unfamiliar sound. It’s not a completely unfamiliar sound. It could be the falling of a leaf, or the wind through the trees or a the breaking of a twig. It is the silence that surrounds the noise that […]

Do cassette tapes really deserve their own holiday?! Or course! You might scoff at this all but obsolete media. But, for us, the cassette tape represents an era where special care, patience and love was given to music. Whether you waited over an hour to hit the record button on your cassette deck to record […]

We recently were the recipients of the Phoenix New Times “Best of” award for “Best Music Store for CDs.” While our biggest seller is, no doubt, vinyl records, we do take a lot of pride in our CD selection. Now this might seem strange, with all the talk of CDs being a “dead” form. But […]

STAFF PICKS Kimber – DIIV Lindsay – Lightning Dust, Kacy and Clayton, Blood Orange Dario – Angel Olsen Paula – DIIV, Bill Frisell Gabriel – Beastie Boys, Boris JUST ANNOUNCED PRE-ORDERS Sufjan Steven & Timo Andres – The Decalogue (pre-order) Corridor – Junior (pre-order) THIS WEEK’S NEW RELEASES Angel Olsen – All Mirrors CD/2xLP (Jagjaguwar) […]