We recently were the recipients of the Phoenix New Times “Best of” award for “Best Music Store for CDs.” While our biggest seller is, no doubt, vinyl records, we do take a lot of pride in our CD selection. Now this might seem strange, with all the talk of CDs being a “dead” form. But we would argue that, like all forms of music media, you can’t kill a good thing. Also, we think it’s pretty funny that this rumor of CDs being a thing of the past was birthed from the news that Best Buy was pulling their CD stock! Since when is BEST BUY the authority on music? Although vinyl is certainly on the rise, our CD section has been seeing plenty of action and we’re more proud of it than ever! Just recently, we bought over 200 used CDs from one collection when we didn’t even have the room for them! Like maintaining any great collection of music, this prompted us to do away with some duds to make room for some really exciting titles. If you enjoy the exploratory nature of shopping a well-curated selection of music, we would urge you to consider our CD section, especially our Used CD section. What you might find is a treasure trove of some of the best new releases, some solid classics that any music lover should have and some really amazing bands that never became household names but are just as deserving of recognition as the most popular artist, all at an average cost of 5 to 7 bucks! Think of that band that you love but nobody knows about! That’s what our used CD section is!

So, as an acceptance speech, of sorts, we are going to put a little extra effort into sharing our stellar used CD section with the world as we are launching a new playlist on our new Spotify channel. Now, before you get all up in arms about us having a Spotify channel, just understand…we’re no suckers! We know where people are getting their new music from! But, we strongly believe that true music lovers experience music the way the artist intended it to be experienced…through the physical media that they poured their heart, soul and life savings into! So, think of our Spotify channel as a way for us to get ahead of your music listening and remind you that you belong in the record store! With that said, this new “playlist” will be an ongoing, updated playlist, featuring some of our favorite titles hiding out in our Used CD section. To get it rolling, we’re featuring an A to Z choice selection, featuring one or more favorites from every letter of the alphabet! Again, this playlist will be updated weekly, so be sure to check back in AND, don’t forget that all of these titles can be bought at Stinkweeds!