Do cassette tapes really deserve their own holiday?! Or course! You might scoff at this all but obsolete media. But, for us, the cassette tape represents an era where special care, patience and love was given to music. Whether you waited over an hour to hit the record button on your cassette deck to record that new song off the radio, or you toiled over that perfect mix tape to give to that special someone. You put in the time! You showed the same love for music that music gave right back to you.
So come celebrate Cassette Store Day with us, this weekend! Stop by the shop this Saturday and browse our (oddly) impressive cassette collection. This will be a pretty low key event, but here are just a few things we’ll have going on.

-15% off all Cassettes!
-Free Related Records (Local Label) “Surprise Cassette” with every cassette purchase (while supplies last)
-Reissue of our Limited Cassette Store Day T-Shirt!



We’ll be well stocked up on our limited edition “Cassette Store Day” Stinkweeds T-Shirts. Get ’em while we got ’em!