In a normal year, we’d usually have a “5 favorites” for every month. In a year where our little record shop has become a record mailorder, curbside pickup and appointment shopping retail outlet, and instead of having 1 Record Store Day, we now have three, some of those months can just slide right past us. […]

ELLIOTT SMITH – Live At Stinkweeds 2/13/1996 limited edition photo print. All Proceeds go to the Musicares Non-Profit which offers financial assistance to “music people” in need. Limited to 100, signed and numbered by photographer Isaac Ramos. Matte Archival Digital Print, never-before printed or published. PRE-ORDER at HERE This month marks Stinkweeds’ 33 1/3 birthday, […]

We’re currently updating our online store with all the products that we’ll have for sale on Record Store Day “Drop #2” on Saturday, September 26th. You can follow this link to the page where everything will be listed and check back, as we add items. We’ll be adding them as we receive them. In the […]

This month, instead of our usual 5 favorites, we’re going to give you ten, because we’re sure you could use some good tunes, right about now. Also, this was a hell of month for new releases! Keep up the good stuff, everybody. We’ve been really proud to talk to and see so many caring individuals […]

While we celebrate the American Revolution, let’s not forget that an American revolution is still happening and has been happening since 1619. Unlike the patriotic songs that accompany fireworks displays, the songs of this revolution carry the weight of centuries of fighting for equality. They have served to cope with pain, to tell a story, […]

Becca Mancari – The Greatest Part [Captured Tracks] The Greatest Part is a welcomed addition to the rapidly growing trend of what I can only describe as slacker rock, however I’m not in love with that description, because there’s so much more going on than the “lazy vibes” the descriptor might suggest. Others I would include […]

Here are 10 new releases for those special people in your life whose presence has been a positive force. These could be the dads, the single moms, the aunts, the uncles, the grandparents, the friends, the teachers, anyone who took it upon themselves to share some wisdom and love toward you as you figured out […]

STAFF PICKS Kimber – Fourtet Lindsay – Rolling Blackouts, El Michel’s Affair Dario – Bibio Eric – Free Nationals Visit our webstore to purchase these titles plus pre-order future releases. THIS WEEK’S NEW RELEASES Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Sideways To New Italy CD/LP+MP3 (Sub Pop) Aussie rock/pop outfit Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever’s second record […]

The Stinkweeds Blog has kept a pretty strong streak of “Five Favorites” over the past few years, consistently throwing together the best five albums to come out every month. With the exception of April (Record Store MONTH), we haven’t missed a single month in years. But, as I’m sure many of you can relate, I’ve […]

We miss seeing your faces in our shop! We miss the conversations and the back and forth! We thought for some of you, this might be a perfect way to get that personal Stinkweeds experience, while you’re doing your part by staying home. We are offering up a Stinkweeds Custom-Curated Vinyl Subscription service. You prepay […]