ELLIOTT SMITH – Live At Stinkweeds 2/13/1996 limited edition photo print.
All Proceeds go to the Musicares Non-Profit which offers financial assistance to “music people” in need.
Limited to 100, signed and numbered by photographer Isaac Ramos. Matte Archival Digital Print, never-before printed or published.
This month marks Stinkweeds’ 33 1/3 birthday, as well as Elliott’s birthday and the 25th anniversary of his infamous Self-Titled release. We thought this would be a great time to celebrate these events and commemorate one of our all time favorite artists, as well as the history of our little shop. Back in the 80s and 90s, Stinkweeds hosted hundreds of awesome shows, featuring many up and coming bands. Some of the more memorable experiences were the two times Elliott Smith graced our in-store stage. Our friend Isaac Ramos snapped a few shots during the 1996 performance. This photo beautifully captures a moment in time, only a couple years before big things would happen for Elliott’s career, including his Oscar nomination and a performance at the 1998 Academy Awards. Here, he’s still playing small clubs and little record stores, sitting on his amp, playing to a group of kids sitting on the floor. Those lucky enough to be there hold it in their hearts as one of the best shows they’ve ever seen.  Whether you were there and want to enjoy a visual memory or if you’re just an Elliott Smith fan who appreciates his talent for its raw emotion and beauty, this photo captures a bit of that magic that you love in his music. Purchasing one of these limited prints also helps out the music community right now, with proceeds from the sale going to the non-profit Musicares. Now more than ever, donations to our special community of musicians are critical. While we can’t gather in these little venues and spaces to hear live music, we can still show our support for those artists that rely on those spaces to make ends meet.
Thank you to our favorite friends and longtime customers. You are like family to us and we hope you know how much we appreciate your support over the past 33 1/3 years.
Special thanks to photographer Isaac Ramos who can make Kimber laugh like no other.
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Available to ship or pick up on AUG 29th (Aug RSD Drop), 2020.
See you soon!~
Kimber, Lindsay, Dario and Eric