Another year in the books!!! So much has changed in the music industry, but we are still standing tall, thirty years in, and we couldn’t do it without all of you! One of the things we’ve always prided ourselves on is keeping the safe space of the record store alive; a place to explore new […]

Are we in danger of losing our sense of exploration? Will the convenience of information at our fingertips dull our courage to reach into the unknown. That same courage that it takes to walk into a restaurant without consulting Yelp might walk a fine line with our courage to peer into dark corners, where unknown […]

This Saturday, August 12th marks the 140th anniversary of the invention of the phonograph, by Thomas Edison. We decided to pay tribute by sharing a little bit of history, a discussion on the cultural significant and some personal stories about our relationship with this world changing invention. Of course, there is so much more to […]

DON’T PANIC! We’ve put a lot of thought into the perfect gifts for the music lovers in your life and we are ready to help you round out your holiday shopping with some awesome gifts that will help either convince or confirm your position as the coolest friend/relative/co-worker/spouse EVER! MUSIC! Of course we have a […]

In an effort to reflect on the wonderful things that were created this year, we are hard at work putting together our list of favorite albums that were released in 2016! You can expect a list that is vibrant and colorful, full of light and darkness, ideas new and old, and representative of the vast array […]

With our recent decision to be more proactive using our space for occasional live performances, we decided we would share our thoughts on what the “in-store performance” has meant to us, and maybe share some thoughts on why it’s important to continue hosting in-stores, even with the large amount of awesome venues in town. With a […]

As we enjoy our recent boom of rich culture in the valley, with all the new venues, art spaces, and the patrons to match their capacity, it is important to honor those who paved the way. Over a decade ago, some might have said that Phoenix was a sleepy town. We didn’t have all the big […]