We couldn’t be more excited to share episode 2 of our new series I’ve Got Recommendations! Stinkweeds has long been a safe space to explore, discuss and discover your next favorite artist(s). We all know and feel that the constant feeding of content through various platforms can start to feel heartless and formulated. We are hoping by tuning into I’ve Got Recommendations, we can throw a wrench into your musical journey and share something you may have not otherwise come across. We will continue to team up with incredible musicians, artists and writers to unearth gems and extend our love for music discovery beyond our four walls!

Episode 2 features the incomparable, Jad Fair of Half Japanese! We are so grateful to Jad for setting time aside to share some music with us. It was a joy to be able to spend time with him. We hope our conversation brings a smile to your face and inspires discovery.

NOTE: Jad provided a list that included a few more recommendations that we didn’t have time to discuss in the video. We have provided the full list here. Also, Don’t forget to check out his bandcamp for his latest musical output and his website for art. Enjoy!

Artist: Spider John Koerner
Album: Some American Folk Songs Like They Used To
Label: Nero’s Neptune

Artist: The Church Mice
Album: College Psychology On Love / Babe We’re Not Part Of Society
Label: House Of Guitar

Artist: Jane Getz
Album: No Ordinary Child
Label: RCA

Artist: Velvet Monkeys
Album: Spooky
Label: Go Records

Artist: Lord Invader
Album: Calypso Travels
Label: Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Artist: DQE
Album: But Me I Fell Down
Label: Feel Good All Over

Artist: NRBQ
Album: Tapdancin’ Bats
Label: Line Records