We are elated to announce and share our new video series I’ve Got Recommendations! Stinkweeds has long been a safe space to explore, discuss and discover your next favorite artist(s). We all know and feel that the constant feeding of content through various platforms can start to feel heartless and formulated. We are hoping by tuning into I’ve Got Recommendations, we can throw a wrench into your musical journey and share something you may have not otherwise come across. We will be teaming up with incredible musicians and artists to unearth gems and extend our love for music discovery beyond our four walls!

First up, the incredible John Dieterich of Deerhoof! We cannot thank John enough for setting some time aside to share about the music that has been impactful to him. We hope it brings you all some joy and sparks some interest in something new.

NOTE: John provided an extended list of his favorite albums that we didn’t have time to discuss in the video. So we have provided the full list here. Also, don’t forget to check out Deerhoof’s Actually, You Can and John & Training’s Three Seconds. Enjoy!

Artist: L’Ocelle Mare
Album: Sans Chemins
Label: Shelter Press

Artist: Brian Eno
Album: The Shutov Assembly
Label: All Saints Press

Artist: Slow Moses
Album: Charity Binge
Label: Jealous Butcher

Artist: Morton Feldman
Album: For Samuel Beckett
Label: cpo

Artist: Tricky
Album: Nearly God
Label: Island Records

Artist: Skinny Puppy
Album: Rabies
Label: Nettwerk

Artist: Charlie Haden & Carlos Paredes
Album: Dialogues
Label: Verve

Artist: Nuno Canavarro
Album: Plux Quba
Label: Drag City

Artist: Olivier Messiaen
Album: Organ Works
Label: Treasure Island

Artist: Nino Rota
Album: Giulietta Degli Spiriti
Label: Cam

Artist: Sunbutler
Album: Sunbutler
Label: American Patchwork

Artist: Toru Takemitsu
Album: In an Autumn Garden
Label: Deutsche Grammaphon

Artist: Serengeti & Polyphonic
Album: Terradactyl
Label: Anticon

Artist: Robert Wyatt
Album: Comicopera
Label: Domino

Artist: Pat Metheny
Album: Question & Answer
Label: Geffen Records

Artist: Starfuckers
Album: Infratumi
Label: Drunken Fish