Like so much rag weed pollen in the air, spring has inundated us with too much great music! But it ain’t nothing to sneeze at! (This is the kind of writing you get when the head writer of your blog is having an allergy attack, but needs to make that deadline. Deal with it!) I’m […]

Two months into 2019 and it’s shaping up to be a great year for music! I could have had 5 favorites on the first week of February, but we thought we would give the later releases a chance to hit the shelves and to let the earlier one’s sink in. With all the great stuff […]

We want to offer our deepest gratitude for all of you, our dear customers, new and old. Over the past few years, we’ve been seeing so many new faces, looking for every kind of music imaginable. Stinkweeds is an ever-changing creature. We’ve found that our customers are that special kind of music fan who want […]

With a month left in 2018, we’re all scrambling to check all the boxes. We can’t wipe that slate clean until we’ve made sure that every inch has been chalked over with the best this year had to offer. Reviews only happen once you feel like there’s nothing else left to consider. This is what’s […]

This is the last monthly Five Favorites for the year! Come December, we will have compiled all of our favorites from this last year to make our big “TOP 5s” for the year. All of us at Stinkweeds will contribute to this list, as well as some of our favorite customers. Most likely, a lot […]

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. As you let out the hot, freon-saturated air, open your eyes and look out the nearest window. It’s October. Go outside. Go for a walk. Go for a drive. Roll your windows down. Use your oven. Make a pie. Put on your favorite sweater. It doesn’t matter […]

On Saturday, October 13th, we will be hosting a live in-store performance with Australian recording artist, Gabriella Cohen. She is currently touring with King Kahn (Playing that night at Valley Bar) and we jumped at the chance to offer Phoenix a more intimate setting to experience the amazing talent that Cohen and her band are […]

This week is a strong week for new releases. So I’ve decided that our September favorites would include only titles that were released this Friday. What I found was a common theme in the need for patient listening. So along with these reviews, I pose a challenge for you, reader. If any of these albums […]

Down a narrow isle, cutting through the center of our little shop, tucked away with our magazines is a collection of 40 CDs, all loaded into 4 listening stations, changed out every month. They are strategically placed for minimal traffic or disruption and paired with a comfy seat, encouraging you to take some time to […]

This weekend, I drove to a friends house in Black Canyon City to observed the Perseids meteor shower. Once the dark desert monsoon skies opened up, with bolts of lightning flashing in the distance, and the stars and milky way presented itself, with brief flashes of light streaking across the sky, I couldn’t help but […]