Black Friday is perhaps the most contentious of unofficial holidays. Following immediately after one of our most popular holidays, it can be seen by some as another corporate revenue grab, that takes advantage of all the hard working people, who are trying to enjoy a very well deserved day off, with family and friends. On […]

It’s November! And, as much as we love our colder months, there is also the stress of added obstacles of holiday shopping, snowbirds, travel plans, family visits, pulling out the sweaters and jackets, waiting for the car to warm up, shoveling snow! Maybe there won’t be any snow shoveling. But, all of this can make […]

Once again, we explore the unknown corners of our record store to find the lost and forgotten. What horrors lurk beyond the Pixies reissues and Thee Oh Sees albums OH SO MANY THEE OH SEES ALBUMS! SERIOUSLY, DO THEY EVER TAKE A DAY OFF! Follow the candleabra and stay close to the flame, while we […]

This Saturday (May 28th), Stinkweeds is hosting the 6th Annual Short Shorts with Short Leash Local Film Festival, held in the parking lot of Medlock Plaza. Every year, we work with Chris Heck of Theater 13 to feature some of the very talented local filmmakers working around the valley. Every year, this event brings out […]

Tonight Stinkweeds will host Lil Bobby Jr And The Horsey House Band & Friends in celebration of their new release on Moone Records (Phoenix) in partnership with Emotional Response (Flagstaff). The new album We Don’t Belong Together is a collaboration of a “who’s who” of Arizona’s dreamy, twangy and delightfully bummed out players. The result is a cavernous […]

May 18th @ The Newton (Changing Hands) Next Wednesday, Stinkweeds and The Trunk Space have teamed up for a special evening of music with Psychic Temple and Slow Moses. For those of you unfamiliar with Psychic Temple, they are a stellar band on the cusp of notoriety and household namedness. Their newest album, on Sufjan Steven’s label Asthmatic […]

I have a love/hate relationship with holiday shopping. I am not a fan of the crazy crowds and loud, obnoxious advertising. However, I do enjoy the challenge of picking out the perfect gift for someone. I even enjoy the added challenge of having nothing in common with that person. It’s a test of the ego. […]