It’s November! And, as much as we love our colder months, there is also the stress of added obstacles of holiday shopping, snowbirds, travel plans, family visits, pulling out the sweaters and jackets, waiting for the car to warm up, shoveling snow! Maybe there won’t be any snow shoveling. But, all of this can make it a little difficult to keep up on your favorite past time, LIVE MUSIC! So, as with every month, we’re sharing our top show picks for November, in the hopes that it may lighten the load and serve as a reminder that you need live music, now more than ever.
Now, these are just a hand full of shows happening this month. We urge you to check out our all encompassing live music calendar where you will find a list of concerts happening throughout the valley, through the rest of this year and into the next.

Lindsay’s Picks

11/4 Chicano Batman – The Van Buren

Psych, Soul, Latin, Indie and everything else you love, is wrapped up in this one wonderful band!

11/8 Courtney Marie Andrews – Valley Bar

Big fan of Courtney’s, and love the more twangy direction she’s been going in lately. She has a hauntingly gorgeous voice and is a wonderful guitar player. Super proud of her new Fat Possum signing.

11/10 Hiss Golden Messenger – Valley Bar

This North Carolina folk band returns to town with their spiritual take on blues, county, soul and rock.

Dario’s Picks

11/4 Ballaké Sissoko and Vincent Ségal + Germán López – Musical Instrument Museum

Sure, rock shows are fun and we all love to sing along to our favorite songs. But sometimes, you just need to sit and listen to the greatest music the human race can produce. The sounds and notes that these two musicians put into this collaboration derive from the center of a long history of music, from our species. It will cut right to the core of you.

11/17 Chad Vangaalen – Valley Bar

Chad Vangaalen wears a few hats. He is well known for his surrealist, animated videos for bands like Timber Timbre, Strand of Oaks, Shabazz Palaces, and videos for his own music, as well as acting as recording engineer for his music and others. But, it was his debut album on Sub Pop in 2005 that first grabbed my attention. Since then, he has releases 5 other albums on that label, each as quirky and intriguing as the first. In all the time I’ve been listening to his music, I’ve never seen him live. Really looking forward to this one.

11/19 Pie Social with Live Local Music – Margaret T. Hance Park

Get out of here with your decorative gourds and pumpkin spice. This is Pie Season! This delicious event put on by Roosevelt Row, which is in it’s 8th year, is a free event (you gotta pay for those pies, though) that is fun for the whole family. This year, they’ve lined up some awesome local music, including two of my favorites, Tobie Milford and The Foster Family Band. Both of these bands include some of the best musicians this city has to offer, with many coming from classical and jazz backgrounds, incorporating fresh new ideas into lively, folk and pop tunes. Just try to contain your excitement while listening to these bands and chomping down on your favorite dessert.