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February 24, 2021

Stinkweeds Is Hiring!

Stinkweeds Job Opening
Position Title: Record Store Retailer / Marketing Assistant
Reports to Store Manager
March 2021

Stinkweeds Record Exchange is a new and used record store located in central Phoenix. Established in 1987, Stinkweeds is a small store with a big reputation for having friendly, expert staff, high quality inventory, and cutting edge music covering many genres.

Those applying for this job must have depth to their musical knowledge and must be open to learning more. Applicants must be able to write well and manage multiple projects.

Position Purpose: Maintain the best possible customer service, manage inventory, contribute to marketing and digital marketing, buy/price used merchandise, and manage cash register.

Opportunities: Opportunities to bring creative ideas to our store; creating promotional material, videos, book live in-stores and community events and write music reviews. Future management opportunities exist and include working closely with independent music labels, bands, venues, and learning the ins and outs of the music industry.

This position is 30-40 hours per week and will include weekends, evenings and some holidays


-Must be 21 years old with reliable transportation
-Must be proficient with social media for business (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
-Must have exceptional customer service skills
-Must have musical knowledge spanning many genres and eras
-Proficient with Microsoft word, excel, WordPress, Discogs.
-Able to write creative content for social media posts, with excellent use of grammar.
-Must be a multi-tasker with close attention to detail.

 Desirable qualities

-Previous record store experience
-Used record buying experience
-Discogs buying/selling experience
-Retail experience
-Friendly, confident, approachable, outgoing
-Familiar with PhotoShop
-Able to stay on track with tasks while delivering great customer service


-Listing pre-orders on webstore
-Promoting pre-orders through social media
-Social Media at least 5 times a week for store-related content via Instagram, Tik Tok and Reels.
-Pack and ship mail orders daily.
-Coordinate promotions with labels via social media
-Organize and track all current promotions, including pre-orders with value add product
-Create and send weekly mailer; writing and sourcing content, and using photoshop and Mailchimp
-Pricing used merchandise and researching values on Discogs and other sources
-Reconciling inventory and overstock
-Potential for booking and running future instore shows
-Cash register sales
-Special Orders
-Those interested in working at Stinkweeds should send cover letter and resume to