Near the end of each month, we’re going to make a post on our blog recommending some great upcoming shows around the Valley! For a full list of all the awesome stuff happening next month, be sure to visit!


  • October 4 – Calexico at Crescent Ballroom
  • October 5 – Nortec Collective at Crescent Ballroom
  • October 10 – Telekinesis at Crescent Ballroom
  • October 14 – Jose Gonzalez at Mesa Arts Center
  • October 15 – Buena Vista Social Club at Mesa Arts Center
  • October 18 – Heartless Bastards at Crescent Ballroom
  • October 25 – Sufjan Stevens at Orpheum Theatre
  • October 26 – Matt Pond PA at The Rebel Lounge


  • October 10 – Telekinesis & Say Hi at Crescent Ballroom
    A night of feel-good fun. Melancholy pop at its finest with these two on on the bill.
  • October 14 – Jose Gonzalez at Mesa Arts Center
    I’ve never had the opportunity to see this beautiful, folky soundscapist life. Mesa Arts Center will be the perfect venue!
  • October 15 – Will Johnson at Great Arizona Puppet Theater
    Yes and Yes!!  I love everything Will Johnson does, especially his South San Gabriel and Centro-Matic stuff. I caught his last living room show in town, and it was a wonderfully fun and intimate time. Don’t miss this!!!


  • October 14 – Jose Gonzalez at Mesa Arts Center
    Jose Gonzalez is one of the rare artists creating music that is truly timeless. He may branch off into other territories to experiment with more current pop sounds, but always under a different moniker. Under his own name, you can expect simple, beautifully crafted songs, played with only a nylon string guitar and a timid, yet believable voice. As with Cat Stevens, Nick Drake or Paul Simon, this formula has proven to have real staying power in a world of one hit wonders and yesterdays news. Seeing him perform live is an experience that will stick with for some time.
  • October 18 – Heartless Bastards at Crescent Ballroom
    This is rock and roll that crawled out of the grimey clubs of the 70s at 3am, hitched a ride with a half awake Neil Young and crashed on Patti Smiths couch. There’s nothing shiny or fancy about the music of Heartless Bastards. It rumbles and cracks and groans, but ain’t that rock n roll?!


  • October 11 – Battles at Crescent Ballroom
    Battles put on an amazing show when I saw them a couple years ago. Really digging the newest album and can’t wait to catch them again at such a great venue.
  • October 25 – Sundressed & Weatherbox at The Rebel Lounge
    Sundressed is releasing another record in a couple weeks at The Rebel Lounge and I think they’re getting better with each piece of music they put out. Plus one of my all time favorites Weatherbox is coming out from California for the show!