Here are just some of the awesome shows happening this month in the Valley! For a full list of what is coming up near you, be sure to visit! Tickets for most of these shows are available in the store – come by and pick some up! Also check out TAL NATIONAL at Crescent Ballroom on March 15th!

Photo by Bryan Juarez.


  • March 9 – Shannon & The Clams at Valley Bar
    Looking for a goodtime garage rock show?? These guys n gals throw a party and play some great music too!
  • March 11 – Fred & Toody at Valley Bar
    The coolest couple in music, Fred & Toody from Dead Moon and Pierced Arrows are on the road as a duo. Four decades later, Portland’s punk grandparents are still rocking — and still in love.
  • March 13 – La Luz at Valley Bar
    If you survive the biggest weekend in live music history for Phoenix (VIVAPHX and MCDOWELL MT MUSIC FEST) Don’t miss the ladies of La Luz on Sunday at the Valley Bar. They are one of the hardest working touring bands. These ladies are a tight act of garage pop and punk. Solid locals on the bill too!


  • March 9 – Shannon & The Clams at Valley Bar
    A Shannon & The Clams album is like a history lesson in obscure psychedelic 60s rock, with a heavy “punk” aesthetic thrown in, because some things are just better louder. They channel bands like The Monks, 13th Floor Elevator and the Seeds, but with enough of their own charisma to freak out the modern day “squares.”
  • March 13 – La Luz at Valley Bar
    Their show at Valley Bar last August ended up on my “Top 5 Shows” list for 2015. You bet your ass I’m going to see them again! They are the perfect blend of talent and energy; familiarity and experimentation; old and new; rock and roll.
  • March 17 – Quilt at Valley Bar
    This band is keeping something alive that should have never gone away. In the early to mid 2000s, there was this great movement of bands towards a sort of “flower power” folk pop that was just as delightful as it gets. Band like Arthur and Yu, Bower Birds, Devendra Banhart and Vetiver tapped into something beautiful and haunting and I just wasn’t ready to let go of! I’m happy to see bands like Quilt keeping the lava lamp burning.


  • March 8 – Luke Sweeney with Diners, Flower Festival & Sonoran Chorus at The Rebel Lounge
    I picked a Flower Festival show last month and they’re on this list again for a reason – catch them live on one of the awesome shows they’re playing this month! This whole local lineup is extremely choice – Diners always puts on a great show and Sonoran Chorus is one of the cooler young bands in town right now. Luke Sweeney makes amazing garage pop tunes in San Francisco, and he was also rad live the last couple times I have caught him. All around stellar show!
  • March 12 – Lolipop Records Showcase at The Trunk Space
    If you’re not doing the festival thing on the 12th, there is an amazing show happening at Trunk Space! Featuring awesome Cali bands like Rudy De Anda and a great local lineup featuring Good Friends Great Enemies, Lai and more.
  • March 15 – Tal National with Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra at Crescent Ballroom
    It’s not every day you get to watch an amazing band from Niger perform in Phoenix! These guys have put out a couple killer records and it will be cool to see them live!
  • March 16 – Flaural at Rhythm Room
    Flaural is an amazing dream/psych pop band from Denver and they’re making their Phoenix debut this month! Highly recommended.