If Record Store Day seems like it’s sneaking up on you a little earlier than it has in the past, it’s because IT IS! This year, RSD has been moved up from the third Saturday in April to the Second Saturday, falling on the 13th! We’ll be opening up shop at 9am that day, and […]

Join us on Monday, March 4th for an intimate, live instore performance from southern California jazz genre bending duo, The Mattson 2. This performance is absolutely free and will be followed by a full set at The Rebel Lounge, that evening, with Kikagaku Moyo. We have tickets available at Stinkweeds. WE WILL BE RAFFLING OFF […]

Strong relationships are built on a foundation of trust, respect, affection and, of course, MUSIC! So naturally, the record store is a great date spot, whether it be your first date, or one of many nights on the town. We’ve witnessed many a couple shopping these isles, together, and we’ve seen how a shared love […]

First: I don’t care if you call it vinyls Before I jump into my thoughts on upgrading your vinyl system, I need to address a bit of a contentious subject for the vinyl listening community. For years, vinyl was seen as a very esoteric medium for music listening. It was seemingly reserved for musicians, record […]

We want to offer our deepest gratitude for all of you, our dear customers, new and old. Over the past few years, we’ve been seeing so many new faces, looking for every kind of music imaginable. Stinkweeds is an ever-changing creature. We’ve found that our customers are that special kind of music fan who want […]

Of course, every day is Record Store Day to all of you hardcore Stinkweeds shoppers! But aside from “Record Store Day” that happens in April, did you know there’s another other day for limited edition vinyl releases that happens on Black Friday?! That’s right! It’s a Black Friday made just for you, organized by the […]

We’ve had some kick ass in-stores at Stinkweeds, but it’s a rare treat to host a band whose album has been in constant rotation at the shop. And, rarer still that this album should come out on the day the band is playing at our store! Join us on Friday, May 4th at 4pm for […]

This Saturday will make 11 years that Stinkweeds has participated in Record Store Day! Like every year, we’re pulling out all the stops to make sure you get all those exclusive releases you want, plus a whole lot more! This post will highlight some of the amazing RSD Exclusives we’ve checked in, as well as […]

We’re all very excited for Record Store Day on April 21st. But, let’s not forget all the other treasures April has to offer! Like every other month, we are combing through some fantastic new releases. And, like every other month, we’ve picked out our 5 favorites to highlight some of the stuff that has been […]

  Saturday, April 21st will be the 10th annual Record Store Day, and as with every year, Stinkweeds will be going all out for the party! As always, you can expect that we’ll order tons of the exclusive releases and have them ready, organized and available early that morning, making Stinkweeds one of the best […]