We’re sponsoring an event on July 3rd at the newly opened Changing Hands Bookstore, located in the Newton complex. This is the first live music performance of its kind in this space, and it may not be the last, if all goes well. Our hope is to continue a partnership with Changing Hands and First Draft Bar, and to host future performances in this space. We would like to talk a little about what this could mean for Phoenix.

In the past few years, the live music venues in this city have increased exponentially, bringing out more touring acts, supporting local music and urging more people to get out of their houses and out to shows. This is, by no doubt, an extremely positive thing for this city. But, with this growth, we have felt a little bit of an empty spot in our music community. The days of the “small show” aren’t nearly as bright as they used to be. Venues like 51 West and Trunk Space still hold amazing performances, showcasing the more experimental and DIY acts in this city and from around the world. But, with all the options for live music in town, many times the smaller shows can get looked over. Visit any big city with a thriving music scene and you’ll find that, for every large venue, there is a small venue, featuring music that might slip a bit under the radar, but is no less intriguing.

These shows offer unique experiences for many reasons. I have seen countless numbers of shows at Trunk Space, Modified Arts or even the Tempe Stinkweeds that featured artists or bands that have gone on to enjoy very successful careers. These types of shows are becoming more and more scarce as music becomes more and more available. With the music market being as saturated as it is, these days we can often overlook the artists who have a unique vision, but who just might not be pulling in crowds yet. These smaller, intimate venues are where you can experience these artists when their ideas are fresh and exciting with a small group of people who will listen attentively. This makes for very memorable experiences you will carry with you for the rest of your life. How many of you can say that you remember seeing Elliott Smith at the Tempe Stinkweeds, or Arcade Fire at Modified Arts?

So, in an attempt to promote this type of performance and to support a local business we truly believe in, we hope to bring this experience into a brighter light once again with the help of Changing Hands, First Draft Bar and all the occupants at the Newton.

Join us on Friday, July 3rd, for an evening of music and stories. This performance will feature local bands from Tempe, Phoenix and Flagstaff. Come out and be part of this experiment that could lead to more variety in our music scene. Check out the Facebook event page for more information.