Here are just some of the awesome shows happening this month in the Valley! For a full list of what is coming up near you, be sure to visit!


  • February 17 – Ty Segall at Crescent Ballroom
    How is this show not sold out yet? If you’ve been a fan of Ty’s over the past several years, perhaps you’ve had to travel to Tucson to see him. It’s sort of a big deal he’s finally playing Phoenix and maybe a bigger deal is his touring band, featuring members of King Tuff, Wand, Cairo Gang and Mikal Cronin!!
  • February 20 – The Donkeys & Radiation City at Valley Bar
    Two up and coming, highly underrated (well, at least The Donkeys) pop bands! These bands are tight and catchy as hell. For guaranteed fun, this show will deliver.
  • February 27 – Della Mae at Valley Bar
    Della Mae are a 4-piece lady band from Boston. They play contemporary bluegrass and have been all over the world, as well as played with some big deals (Willie Nelson, Taj Mahal, Leon Russell and Del McCoury Band). The two bands I play in (Pick and Holler and The Sunpunchers) will be opening this show.


  • February 6 – Godspeed You! Black Emperor at Crescent Ballroom
    Yes, this show is the day after this post comes out and yes it has been sold out for some time, now. I’m just including it as a reminder to keep up on what’s happening in town. This is a rare event for Phoenix. The last time this band played in Phoenix was at Modified Arts, on a stage so small they had to set up out into the audience. Although the Crescent is a much larger venue, I’m curious to see if it can hold all of the sound that comes out of this group. Also super excited to see drummer, Jim White’s newest project.
  • February 17 – Ty Segall & The Muggers at Crescent Ballroom
    I would classify most of the music I listen to as a bit gloomy and sometimes doomy. But, I can’t get enough of the fun and fuzz of Ty Segall. There just enough weirdness and T.Rexness to keep me entertained for some time. Looking forward to this show, for sure!
  • February 20 – North Brother Island and Tobie Milford at Modified Arts
    Ok, full disclosure time. Yes, I play in one of these groups. But, It’s a live show at Modified and it’s a benefit to save another historic building, downtown! The Wurth House is over 100 years old and was almost another casualty of down town development. But, Kimber stepped in and like a superhero, picked that house up and moved it out of the way of the wrecking ball. So, I think it deserves a night of music, celebration and contribution to see that it can continue to serve the culture and history of our community.


  • February 5 – Gospel Claws with Good Friends Great Enemies, Flower Festival and Spiritual Warfare at The Rebel Lounge
    Absolutely amazing local (and post-local) lineup! Flower Festival is gaining steam, Good Friends is full of super talented musicians, and Gospel Claws always puts on a fun show.
  • February 19 – Ringo Deathstarr with Future Death, Holy Fawn and Belljar at The Rebel Lounge
    Ringo Deathstarr is experimental shoegaze from Austin and they’re playing here with the most righteous support lineup! Future Death? Think more intense Deerhoof. Holy Fawn? Owl & Penny finally cranked their amps and create loud, beautiful rock songs with a huge atmosphere. Belljar? Newest awesome shoegaze / emo revival band to land in Phoenix.
  • February 29 – Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place with Celebration Guns and Underground Cities at The Rebel Lounge
    “The Pinback dude” returns! He’s playing Rebel with another very respectable local lineup. Celebration Guns gets better every time I see them and Underground Cities hasn’t played much in the last few years, so I’m very much looking forward to seeing them again. The mystery around Rob Crow’s new project seals the deal for me – I know it will be awesome but have no idea what to expect beyond that.