kimber – band of horses
lindsay – broncho, esme patterson
dario – esme patterson
jeff – leapling, cornelius reissue

AirTwentyyears 2xCD/2xLP (Rhino/Parlophone)
Twenty years after their international debut, the French multi-platinum selling band Air, consisting of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel, release their first anthology. The first disc contains 17 tracks selected by the band and the second disc gathers 14 rare and unreleased tracks.

Band Of HorsesWhy Are You OK? CD/LP (Interscope)
Fifth album from the alt-roots-rock band, produced by Jason Lytle of Grandaddy. [Limited ‘region specific’ lithograph included with purchase, while supplies last.]

The Beach BoysPet Sounds [Reissue/1966] LP (Capitol)
This Deluxe 50th Anniversary edition pairs the remastered album (stereo and mono) with highlights from the Collector’s Edition’s additional tracks.

Peter Bjorn and JohnBreakin’ Out CD/LP (INGRID)
Breakin’ Point is the Swedish indie rock trio’s first album since 2011’s Gimme Some. For the album, the “Young Folks” crew sought the help of outside collaborators for the first time, recruiting an all-star team of producers that includes Paul Epworth, Greg Kurstin, Patrick Berger, Emile Haynie and more.“You behave better when you have people over for dinner that aren’t just your family,” the trio’s Björn Yttling joked in a statement about the band’s decision to work with outside producers. “It wasn’t that we just brought in anyone. We really respect what these guys do. We wanted to make pop music that was relevant now and not in a fantasy world of what we thought would be relevant. We learned how to not dwell on stuff because you can’t sit forever. You have to reach a goal. That was a little bit scary at first.” “Peter Bjorn and John whistled their way into our lives a decade ago with ‘Young Folks,’ and on the title track from the Swedish trio’s new album, Breakin’ Point, they’re whistling once again. But the album’s second single (following “What You Talking About?”) is not a “Young Folks” sound-alike. Boom-bap drums, symphonic strings, and piano plinks provide a churning mid-tempo foundation for Peter Morén’s soaring tenor. These guys sound like they’re ready for a proper comeback.” –Stereogum

Broncho Double Vanity CD/LP (Dine Alone)
Third album from the Oklahoma quintet, taking a more spaced-out and groove-laden vibe only hinted at on their previous release, Just Enough Hip To Be Woman.

Colvin & EarleColvin & Earle CD/LP (Fantasy/Concord)
As Colvin & Earle, longtime friends and admirers Shawn Colvin and Steve Earle have united to record their self-titled debut, a true standout in careers already filled with pinnacles and masterpieces. Produced by the masterful Buddy Miller and recorded in his living room studio, Colvin & Earle contains six co-written originals plus inspired covers including the Rolling Stones “Ruby Tuesday,” and Emmylou Harris “Raise The Dead.” Few things can touch the magic of artists so in tune that they seem to be able to read each other’s minds. Colvin & Earle is a prime showcase for their inimitable vocals and mesmerizing guitar playing, a flawless example of the creative process gelling into a gorgeous, cohesive whole.

Diarrhea Planet – Turn To Gold CD/LP+MP3 (Infinity Cat)
The gravitational pull of Diarrhea Planet is so strong; once you get caught in the orbit of its stadium-sized riffs and blistering solos, it’s hard to escape.

Fitz and The Tantrums Fitz and The Tantrums CD (New Elektra)
Fitz and The Tantrums’ natural exuberance permeates their new self-titled album, which celebrates walking to the beat of your own drum. Lead singer, Michael Fitzpatrick, says of the new record, “We’ve always tried to push ourselves at every turn. For our third album, we continued to challenge ourselves, taking care not to write the same record again.” “Turn It Up,” Fitz exhorts at the top of album opener and first single “HandClap.” The horn-and-beats fueled track captures the exhilarating sense of promise — and danger — that a night out and a new romance hold. The staccato “Complicated” paints a relationship that’s packed with both chemistry and conflict and bursts into an unexpected cheer. Echo and otherworldly keyboards make “Tricky” an intoxicating dance-floor anthem and a warning to any future lover, while “A Place For Us,” the album closer, encapsulates the band’s belief that there is a place in the world for each of us to belong, regardless of our differences. “Overall, this is an album about desire — the desire for intimacy, for sex, for acceptance on your own terms and the struggle not to compromise,” explains Fitz.

GarbageStrange Little Birds CD/2xLP+MP3 (Vagrant)
Working initially in Butch Vig’s basement and then at Red Razor Sounds in Los Angeles, Garbage drew on a variety of sources for their sixth album, Strange Little Birds — from their recent fan letters back to the albums they loved growing up. The guiding principle was “keeping it fresh, and relying on instinct both lyrically and musically,” said frontwoman Shirley Manson. In the end, Strange Little Birds is less fussed over than anything Garbage has ever made. “There’s a constant and recurring unsettling miasma that permeates throughoutStrange Little Birds. It’s not overt nor is it in-your-face. Rather, it’s subtle, peeking its head out every once in a while as a rare dissonance, a minute shift in notes, a flicker of a sound. It’s deliciously creepy and I feel like it’s meant to tease the listener, letting the other emotions take precedence while it hides in the shadows, the wizard behind the curtain.” – Bloody Disgusting

GlobelampThe Orange Glow CD/LP+MP3 (Wichita)
Globelamp is the solo project of Elizabeth Le Fey (Foxygen, Meowtain). Her voice has been compared to the likes of Stevie Nicks, Grace Slick, Kate Bush and Donovan, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Tori Amos and Exene Cervenka, and one can recognize the influence of the supernatural, fairy tales, nursery rhymes,psychedelic folk music and punk. [Limited color vinyl edition also available.]

The GotobedsBlood//Sugar//Secs//Traffic CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (Sub Pop)
“Pittsburgh punk DIY-ers The Gotobeds have been climbing out of the basement for a little while now: In a recent interview with SPIN, frontman Eli Kasan described an unexpected but welcome write-up on NPR’s website upon the release of their debut, 2014’s Poor People Are Revolting. On its follow-up, the Red Hot Chili Peppers-needling Blood//Sugar//Secs//Traffic, the four-piece collaborate with Protomartyr leader Joe Casey (who also wrote their band bio) on the half-screamed ‘Why’d You.’ It’s hard not to be drawn in by the album’s hooky post-punk song structures, which showcase wiry guitar lines and bombastic, free-for-all shouts. Yet beneath the good times is pure punk nihilism, whether they’re dissing the US on ‘Cold Gold (LA’s Alright)’ (‘We’re from America, where we don’t move on we just move’) or ‘Rolling Stone, that trash rag’ on the siren-sounding ‘Crisis Time.’” – SPIN

Kaleo A/B CD (Atlantic)
Firmly a phenomenon in their home country of Iceland, the four-piece band Kaleo descends upon foreign shores, bringing their gorgeous blend of folk, blues, country, and rock to a wider mainstream audience in America. Their isolated heritage inspires a unique take on familiar sonic elements, resulting in diversity and freedom on each and every breathtaking track.Recently featured on Rolling Stone’s ’10 New Artists You Need to Know’ their song “Way Down We Go” was used in the original soundtrack of the American series Blindspot, theFIFA 16 soundtrack, the Season 5 finale of the TV series Suits, and the trailer for Season 4 of Netflix seriesOrange Is the New Black. [Vinyl version due July 22.]

KongosEgomaniac CD/2xLP (Epic/Sony)
By now you know one of Phoenix’s biggest exports, Kongos, comprised of four Phoenician (by way of South Africa) brothers, responsible for radio hits like “Come With Me Now” and “I’m Only Joking.” The Kongos brothers took the world by storm with sophomore album Lunatic. The band of brothers – comprised of Dylan (bass/lap slide guitar/vocals), Danny (guitar/vocals), Jesse (drums/percussion/vocals), Johnny (accordion/keyboards/vocals) – was discovered by L.A. Reid of Epic Records, and after signing with Epic,Lunatic was re-released, resulting in astronomical success, topping charts. Egomaniac features the band’s signature accordion and slide guitar, but this time around, the four brothers explore plenty of new territory, especially when it comes to songwriting and vocals. Egomaniac is the band’s first album which features songs written by all four brothers. It is also the first album in which each brother has lead vocal duties.

letlive. If I’m The Devil CD/LP+MP3 (Epitaph)
“Revolutionary counterculture music,” like a more emotional Rage Against The Machine or Public Enemy with more inclusive politics. [Limited clear vinyl copies also available.]

Moby Music From Porcelain 2xCD (Thrive)
Music From Porcelain is the companion album for Moby’s recently released autobiography, Porcelain. The set is also the first comprehensive compilation of Moby’s work starting in the 1990s and includes re-mastered recordings from Moby’s early catalog. As a bonus, the collection also contains a selection of some of the era’s defining dance recordings that inspired Moby’s early career.

Nahko and Medicine For The People Hoka CD/2xLP (SideOneDummy)
Hoka is a Lakota word, an indigenous tribe from the Great Plains, it is a call to action. It’s what Crazy Horse would say when he went into battle, “Hoka, hey!” “My call is to put action to the words that I speak and the lyrics I sing. Not just to talk, but to do,” says the Oregon-born singer/songwriter, who is of Puerto Rican, Native American (Apache), and Filipino descent.

Nite Jewel – Liquid Cool CD/LP (Gloriette)
“Ramona Gonzalez operates in the fringe space between pop and everything else. Avoiding the confines of the former led her to leave Secretly Canadian, the label that put out her 2012 album, One Second Of Love, and build a modest recording space in her Los Angeles home. Without the influence of corporate demand, she felt free to explore music in a way that better suited her identity. The “pop” tag that her label and the media had assigned her had proven too limiting for Gonzalez, who’s always performed her Nite Jewel alias as an equalizer between herself and the listener rather than a salable object of desire. The songs that make up Gonzalez’s latest, self-released effort, Liquid Cool, are streamlined to captivate the ears without concessions to a formula. They’re fascinating, headspace-oriented compositions with poptimist touch tones for hooks, and the freedom Gonzalez found to mix and record as she saw fit permeates the songs’ breezy production.” – NPR

OddiseeAlwasta CD (Mellow Music Group)
Sudanese-American hip-hop artist Oddisee’s new EP takes its title from the Arabic colloquial term used to mean “the plug.” The term “wasta” comes from the Arabic word “wasat,” meaning “middle” or “middleman,” and describes a member of the community who acts as a connector using their wealth of social currency. Understanding the value of social currency and how to use it (for better or worse) is what Amir Elkhalifa aka Oddisee focused on as the primary inspiration for his lyrics. “Oddisee’s Alwasta is no-skip music to ride to” –Stereogum. [Vinyl version due July 15.]

Esmé PattersonWe Were Wild CD/LP (Grand Jury Music)
New album by the singer/songwriter from Portland, OR. Patterson began as a member of the Denver folk pop septet, Paper Bird, and has released two albums as a solo act including 2012’s All Princes, I and 2013’s Woman To Woman. She was a featured writer/vocalist on Shakey Graves’ album, Dearly Departed. She has performed on Conan, Leno and Letterman.

PlaidThe Digging Remedy CD/LP (Warp)
The Digging Remedy is Plaid’s eleventh studio album and yet encompasses their playful approach towards production more than ever. Joined by Benet Walsh on flute and bass for much of the album has added an extra dimension to Andy Turner and Ed Handley’s sound. When it comes to the album’s name, The Digging Remedyhints at search and reward, the serendipity of finding something you weren’t previously looking for — and signals that there is much more to be revealed. Turner and Handley will continue their tradition of collaboration that has seen them work with a diverse range of musicians — from Björk, to the London Sinfonietta, to the Southbank Gamelan Players — as well as artists, and innovators in music technology.

Eli Paperboy ReedMy Way Home CD/LP (Yep Roc)
Mojo Magazine called the Boston-via-Mississippi singer the king of rhythm & soul, while Rolling Stone hailed his classic soul and horn-heavy R&B soaked with the blues, and NPR raved that he conveys the heart-wrenching emotion of Southern predecessors such as Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding. My Way Home represents a return to the sonic character that Reed’s career began with, but it does more than that: It captures the essence of his sound. A sound that, over everything else, prizes feeling, energy, and, yes, soul.

Rival SonsHollow Bones CD/LP+MP3 (Earache)
Rival Sons are a raucous, maximum-blues-infused, hard rock band from Los Angeles, CA, who explode with the rhythm and roughness of some of the greatest rock acts of all time. Hailed as “The unlikely saviors of American Rock” (Classic Rock) lead vocalist Jay Buchanan, guitarist Scott Holiday, bassist Robin Everhart, and drummer Mike Miley were brought together by a love of music, but also, in their own words, they “want to give the people the rock ‘n’ roll they deserve by keeping it honest, visceral, and dangerous.”Hollow Bones is the follow-up to 2014’s acclaimed Great Western Valkyrie. The album was recorded in Nashville’s LCS Studios with two-time Grammy winning go to producer Dave Cobb, who raves about the band: “Rival Sons are the best rock ‘n’ roll band on the planet.” As a band that has always been convinced that the artwork is just as important a part of the overall experience as the music, Rival Sons also teamed up with highly figurative artist Martin Wittfooth. [Limited purple vinyl and autographed CD and vinyl editions are also available.]

SumacWhat One Becomes CD/LP+MP3 (Thrill Jockey)
Sumac is the trio of Aaron Turner (Isis, Old Man Gloom, Mamiffer) on guitar & vocals, Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists) on drums, and Brian Cook (Russian Circles, These Arms Are Snakes, Botch) on bass whose ability to deliver punishing music is matched only by the weight of their pedigree.The music here employs both hardcore and post-metal with careful, but unhinged abandon.” — Pitchfork

They Might Be GiantsPhone Power CD (Idlewild)
Boasting 18 pop gems, Phone Power continues the all-killer, no-filler tradition of the band’s current efforts. “The album mixes hints of Britpop and folk with a little bit of dirt and noise from glitchy electronics. Paired with the duos voices, it combines into a catchy and harmonious mixture.” –Under the Radar

Allen Toussaint American Tunes CD/2xLP (Nonesuch)
Nonesuch releases American Tunes, a new studio album by legendary New Orleans musician Allen Toussaint. Toussaint had just completed the album when he passed away in November of last year during a European tour. Recording took place at two sets of sessions with producer Joe Henry: solo piano at Toussaint’s New Orleans home studio in 2013, and with the rhythm section of Jay Bellerose and David Piltch—joined by guests Bill Frisell, Charles Lloyd, Greg Leisz, Rhiannon Giddens, and Van Dyke Parks—in Los Angeles in October 2015. The album comprises solo performances of Professor Longhair tunes and band arrangements of songs by Toussaint, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, Paul Simon, and others.

CorneliusFantasma [Reissue/1997] 2xLP (Lefse)
A reissue of the 1997 Fantasma album from Japanese pop-noise savant Cornelius. Fantasma is Cornelius’ creative and commercial breakthrough, a kaleidoscopic, genre-hopping joy ride through contemporary musical history that became Cornelius’ first American release when it was reissued by Matador a year later. Long out of print, Lefse Records reissues Fantasma in a limited edition, remastered, deluxe double-LP gatefold vinyl, complete with bonus tracks. [Limited orange color vinyl edition is also available.]

Flying Saucer AttackNew Lands [Reissue/1997] LP (Drag City)
Flying Saucer AttackMirror [Reissue/2000] LP (Drag City)
After what felt to be an extended wait, New Lands arrived in late 1997, marking phase two of Flying Saucer Attack as an ostensible solo act for Dave Pearce. New Lands presented a foreboding atmosphere, with coarse electric textures from the very top of the record, as well as an unanticipated rubbery bottom and the implied physicality of such on several songs. The distance between albums only increased between New Lands andMirror. Mirror arrived wrapped in a vibrant, multicolored cover designed by Savage Pencil—but the opening sequence of songs offered some of the quietest, most refined Flying Saucer Attack songs committed to tape. The violent spells of New Lands had given way to a flattened drone on the electric pieces “Space 1999,” and “Islands” and “Dark Wind,” while the glittering acoustics of “Suncatcher” and “Tides” highlighted an incredible fragility within the songs.

LeaplingSuspended Animation LP (Exploding In Sound)
Leapling, the brainchild of Brooklyn-based songwriter Dan Arnes, return with their sophomore album. The band’s follow up to last year’s Vacant Page finds the collective moving in new directions of pop brilliance. Arnes stripped down the band’s art-pop exploration and found himself immersed in a bright new power-pop sound. The record is layered, nuanced, and full of musical deviation, but the results are coherent and evocative.

Rufus WainwrightTake All My Loves: 9 Shakespeare Sonnets 2xLP (Deutsche Grammophon)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Rufus Wainwright celebrates the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death in typically dramatic fashion by releasing a unique collection of nine sonnets in stunning performances by both actors and vocalists: Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine), Martha Wainwright, Anna Prohaska, and of course, Rufus himself, as well as actors Sian Phillips, Helena Bonham Carter, Carrie Fisher and William Shatner.


RADIOHEAD – A Moon Shaped Pool CD/LP/Indie Exclusive LP
MUMFORD AND SONS – Johannesburg
SARAH JAROSZ – Undercurrent CD/LP
WILL BUTLER – Friday Night CD/LP
MF DOOM – Special Edition vol 1+2 LP/CASS
CONVERGE – You Fail Me Redux CD
FAWNN – Ultimate Oceans CD/LP
MITSKI – Puberty 2 CD/LP
SWANS – Glowing Man CD/LP
VHS – Gift Of Life CD/LP
SONIC YOUTH – Spinhead Sessions CD/LP
LEGION – Theme + Echo CD/LP
THURSDAY – Kill The House Lights LP
JOHN CARPENTER – Halloween 12″ picturedisc
JOHN CARPENTER – Assault on Precinct 13 12″ picturedisc