This Friday, Radiohead is releasing their newest album A Moon Shaped Pool, and as a special promotion and treat for the fans, they are holding an event that is only happening in select record stores around the world! We were lucky enough to be included on this short list of participating stores!

While we don’t exactly know everything that will be happening this Friday, here’s everything we do know about the Radiohead ‘Live From A Moon Shaped Pool’ event!

A Moon Shaped Pool Album Release:

We will have plenty of copies of the new Radiohead vinyl and CD available for purchase, on Friday. The LIMITED WHITE vinyl was super limited, and we only received enough to cover most of the special orders we received. So, unless you’ve already ordered the limited vinyl AND received a call from us, we won’t have any more to sell to you.


There will be a free-to-enter prize drawing for the chance to win some awesome prizes. All customers attending our event on that day are welcome to enter. You CANNOT enter through our facebook, twitter, instagram, phone, text message, or flagging us down in public. You have to physically come in the shop on Friday and sign up. These prizes are exclusive to stores participating in the ‘Live From A Moon Shaped Pool’ event. We will submit all entries and they will be selected at random by the XL Recordings team and notified directly after June 27th. The winners are selected amongst ALL entries world wide. 

Here are the prizes:

1st Prize

One winner will receive a selection of unique figurines used in the making of the Radiohead video for “Burn The Witch” directed by Chris Hopewell.

2nd Prize

Two winners will each receive a limited edition screenprint of Stanley Donwood artwork from his ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ series.

3rd Prize

Three winners will each receive a 35mm celluloid print of the Paul Thomas Anderson directed video for “Daydreaming” in a film canister.

Exclusive Audio Broadcast:

There will be exclusive audio content that we will be playing in the store as soon as we open at 11am on Friday. Then, at 6pm, we will play an exclusive audio stream of a live Radiohead recording.


We are expecting some limited giveaways for the first 50 people to purchase the album at Stinkweeds on that day. We’ll let you know what they are as soon as we get them. These can not be reserved or held. You have to come into the shop on Friday and buy the album to get these.

If you’re not local to us, then other participating stores can be found here: