For a full list of what is coming up near you, be sure to visit! Tickets for most of these shows are available in the store – come by and pick some up! Above photo of Playboy Manbaby at The Rebel Lounge.


  • August 1 – Wreckmeister Harmonies in-store at Stinkweeds
    Wrekmeister Harmonies, on Thrill Jockey, is a collective of heavy hitters in the metal and modern classical worlds. They combine elements of drone music, serialism, post-rock, and heavy metal and are currently on tour with members of  Godspeed You Black Emperor. We have no idea what to expect from an in-store from a band like this, so come and find out!
  • August 3 – The Mystery Lights at The Rebel Lounge
    Loving this new garage psych group. Fuzz scorchers freshly out on Daptone’s newest rock subsidiary Wick Records.
  • August 15 – Promised Land Sound at Valley Bar
    Paradise of Bachelors’ band Promised Land Sound is just the right amount of country, folk, smooth rock, psych, garage and pop. It sounds like the culmination of a perfect record collection.


  • August 1st – Marissa Nadler at Valley Bar
    I love, what some might call, “sleepy music.” However, I reject that descriptor. Because something is slow and subtle doesn’t mean it isn’t dynamic and thrilling. Marissa Nadler is a fine example of how something sparse and ambient can get your heart racing and provide just as much of a euphoric feeling as the catchiest dance tune. You just have to let it. With more than a decade of music behind her, she continues to stay true to her vision of music, still creating beautiful and haunting soundscapes, behind intriguing lyrics sung through beautiful and timeless vocals.
  • August 17th – Karima Walker with Kolezanka & Feverspeak at The Newton
    Tucson has a sort of otherworldliness to it. On the many trips I have taken there, I have met some of the most interesting people, seen some of the most awe inspiring scenery and experienced memorable evenings after stumbling into strange places, only to have those places vanish from existence when I search for them on later trips, like some sort of weird, magical desert Brigadoon. Karima Walker’s music embodies this mythical nature of the town she calls home. It has a sparse beauty, a dark quietness, and keeps a strong hold on the past while embracing newness and growth. She mixes inspired “folk” tunes with sweeping synthetic soundscapes and just enough uneasiness to keep your darker side engaged. Her local support is made up of favorite musicians and people. Some shows seem custom made for our own liking. I don’t think I’ll be alone in feeling this way on this night.
  • August 21st – Courtney Marie Andrews Band at Valley Bar
    Courtney is one of the few musicians who honed their skills and got their start in the Phoenix music scene and have moved on to further success and notoriety. She may not be a household name (yet), but she has been working hard, making music and touring the world, sharing her incredible voice and powerful songs to new, delighted audiences for a few years now. She recently visited the valley as the lead guitarist for Damien Jurado’s band. As much as I enjoy Jurado’s music and really enjoyed that show, the whole time I just wanted to yell “More Courtney!” But a musician as committed as she is lives in that moment on stage, and she put everything into her role that evening. Now she’s coming back to give me and everyone else in attendance “MORE COURTNEY!”

  • August 7 – Plum with Slow Moses & Desert Purple at Rhythm Room
    Awesome night of psychedelic tunes! Haven’t had the pleasure of seeing a show at Rhythm Room in a while and really looking forward to seeing Plum there in a couple weeks.
  • August 19 – David Bazan at Crescent Ballroom
    I continue to be impressed by the volume and quality of Bazan’s art. Really excited to see him again at such a great venue!
  • August 22 – DIIV with Bear State at Crescent Ballroom
    I enjoyed the newest DIIV album that came out earlier this year and imagine they’ll be a blast live. I’m also super excited to see my friends in Bear State open the night!