In celebration of this Mother’s Day weekend, our favorite picks goes out to all the moms. Sure, a non-mom can enjoy these albums, a well. Great music does not conform to familial roles. But, with each pick, we put a little extra thought towards all the “moms” out there. Whatever being a mom means to you, to us, it means that you are someone who gives themselves to the betterment of someone else. You’ve invested in another person’s life and future with little expectation of immediate return. That kind of commitment deserves the reward and respite that only music can offer.

So, whether you’re a mom looking for more awesome music to add to your extensive catalog of influence, or you’re shopping for the bad ass mother in your life, here are just a handful of awesome new releases and a few words about why it’s just the thing for the coolest of moms.

La Luz – Floating Features [Hardly Art]

At least for those of us living in the Arizona desert, surfing isn’t a common past time. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t live life like you’re waiting for that next big wave! Sometimes the hustle and bustle gets to be a little much and your mind drifts off to that great big sunset on the horizon and the sound of the tide crashing in. Chase that feeling. You’ve earned it.
La Luz have been kicking out killer surf rock for over 5 years and their newest album is perhaps their best yet. The beach might be a 6 hour drive from Phoenix. But, La Luz makes it a little bit closer.

Leon Bridges – Good Thing [Columbia]

Leon Bridges is pure nostalgia. The music transports you back through the 70s, 60s all the way to the 50s. You can just imagine your parents or even grand parents cutting lose to these sounds, busting out dance moves that would amaze as much as they would embarrass. His newest album has a little more nu-soul mixed in, to put it right in place in the here and now. But it maintains that classic touch that made his previous album, Coming Home, such a instant classic. This is music for everybody.

Beach House – 7 [Sub Pop]

Beach House is the sound of hot tea when you have a cold. It’s the scraped knee after it’s been bandaged. It’s the reminder that things aren’t always sunny and bright, but we can always find a salve or escape from the harsher nature of the world.



Tracyanne & Danny – ST [Merge]

This is everything you loved about the 80s and 90s UK sound, all grown up. Tracyanne Campbell is best known for her work in the Glasgow band Camera Obscura and Danny Coughlan for his work under the moniker “Crybaby.” (incidentally, his wikipedia entry has two sentences, one of which states that “Tom Watson, now the deputy leader of the Labour Party, has described him as a “master songwriter””. Short of knighthood, you don’t get a much more glowing U.K. endorsement than that.
This album has all the dreary popiness you might find on your favorite Smiths songs or any Belle and Sebastian album. But Tracyanne and Danny seem to be pulling a little from folk, classic pop and country. It’s all still very youthful and kind of wistful, but there’s a underlying maturity throughout, which is kind of refreshing.

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Panic Blooms [Rad Cult]

Black Moth Super Rainbow appeals to our individuality. Their music is catchy, and on many levels, accessible. But there is is an oddness to it that might discourage you from blasting it from speakers in your office. It’s the kind of music you only share with your closest friends; you know, the ones who “get you.” It’s dreamy synth pop for those who aren’t interested in the escapism so often found in the genre. As people, we are so easily defined by our jobs, our roles, our relationships. It’s nice to have some things that elude those definitions.