Join us on Monday, June 18th at 8pm at Stinkweeds for Cardioid!

Not being a typical music venue, we’re always waiting for the stars to align to bring us that perfect band or artist that just calls for the intimate setting that is our little record store. It seems that these bands are often on an upward trajectory, still seeking out their audience to try out new ideas and let their songs breath in a live setting, with the “big time” just within grasp. For me, this is the perfect time to catch a band. There’s an excitement in the music where, still, anything can happen. The songs have not yet been played a thousand times and the audience is all experiencing the music for the first time, together. This is when the music really feels like it belongs to you, the listener.┬áIt might be strange to promote a show by talking about the venue, but the truth is, we reserve these in-stores for just this kind of band. Our job is to highlight the best of what we hear, be it through a vinyl record or a show. If that show can and should happen at our store, all the better! But, enough about us…

Cardioid is the newest project from the former singer of Radiation City, Lizzy Ellison. After her move to Los Angeles, she took on the task of presenting her songs and voice in a new project, equally ambition but perhaps a little more foot tappable than her former outfit. With her experience and notoriety garnered through her former project, she was able to land some heavy hitters for Cardioid. She teamed up with Riley Geare, the delightfully animated and charismatic drummer of Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Along with equally talented and noteworthy musicians, they take to the road, bringing all the energy of a new band, with all the talent and experience of veteran touring musicians.

It is no stretch to say that this may be the only chance you get to see this band in a small intimate setting before the world takes notice. This kind of talent doesn’t stay a secret for long.