Every month, we feature 40 new titles for you to listen to at your leisure. Of course, we love to give suggestions and play some tunes for you, in the store. But, you really can’t beat the experience of sitting alone with a pair of headphones, absorbing every nuance and detail of a well crafted album. This is what our listening stations offer. It’s the best way to listen to music, so of course it should be part of your music shopping experience.

Here are 5 titles in the August listening post that we think are worth taking the time out to listen to.

Gotobeds – Debt Begins at 30 [Sub Pop]

Dimly lit post punk in line with contemporaries like Parquet Courts, Protomartyr or Idles, with a slightly heavier nod to the predecessors of the genre.

Tesky Brothers – Run Home Slow [Glassnote Music]

Blue Eyed Soul that never left the garage. At a time when many soul revival bands are going big with horns and giant bands, Tesky Brothers take a different approach with an album that could have been recorded in a bedroom on a four track tape machine. There’s a fair amount of arrangement and the occasional horn or string section. But, at its core is just a four piece band.

Lettuce – Elevate [Lettuce Records]

Instrumental funk/soul/electronic/hip hop/jazz in the vein of Beastie Boys In Sound from the Way Out or contemporaries like BadBadNotGood. This album is begging to be chopped up, remixed, borrowed and sampled.

Ada Lea – What We Say In Private [Saddle Creek]

Headphones were made for albums like this. Dense, beautiful songs that could only have been created in the studio and can only be truly appreciated from up close.

Lizzo – Cuz I Love You [Nice Life]

If you’re looking for a good kick in the teeth, look no further than Lizzo. Mind you, that kick in the teeth will be full of love, positivity, empowerment and be more of a dance party than a kick in the teeth.