Staff Picks
Lindsay – Makaya McCraven, Marisa Anderson, Duster, Carrtoons
Zach – Alex G, FKA Twigs, The Movers
Dario – Makaya McCraven and Marisa Anderson
Caleb – Marisa Anderson and Duster
Kimber – Vieux Farka Toure and Khruangbin

FKA TWIGS – Caprisongs CD/LP (Atlantic Mod)
CAPRISONGS showcases a new side of FKA Twigs – one that’s always been present but not in public. The songs are fun, carefree, upbeat and bold, brimming with messages of confidence and independence. Along with the bangers and bops are vulnerable, honest, eerie and soft songs that highlight FKA Twigs’ lyrical prowess and vocal acrobatics. CAPRISONGS, her first release on Atlantic Records, is a departure for the Grammy-nominated visual icon’s previous works but it’s also a reflection of where she is today. The 17-track mixtape documents her personal growth. “It’s weird because, in some ways, this is my most fun project. But in other ways, it’s my most honest and the deepest. It’s a very fine line of how to describe it because, to me, it’s not just like throwaway bangers. I think, if you really listen to the lyrics, maybe I’m really telling the truth as well,” she says.


COMET IS COMING – Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam CD/LP (Impulse)
The Comet Is Coming returns with their 2nd full-length album on Impulse! Records. King Shabaka, Danalogue, and Betamax’s newest effort finds the trio creating a musical landscape that is equally cerebral as it is physically enthralling. While containing elements of jazz throughout, this release leans further into heavy dancehall themes, providing hypnotic, electronic soundscapes to dance to while keeping you intellectually stimulated.


Beth Orton returns with her first album in 6 years. Many musicians turn inward when the world around them seems chaotic and unreliable. Reframing one’s perception of self can often reveal new personal truths both uncomfortable and profound, and for Beth Orton, music re-emerged in the past several years as a tethering force even when her own life felt more tumultuous than ever. Indeed, the foundations of the songs on Orton’s stunning new album, Weather Alive, are nothing more than her voice and a “cheap, crappy” upright piano installed in a shed in her garden, conjuring a deeply meditative atmosphere that remains long after the final note has evaporated.


Gather your loved ones, Together is here. Duster’s fourth album is a 13-song exploration of comfortable, interplanetary goth. A sonic vaseline of submerged guitars, solder-burned synths, and over-driven rhythm tracks. 90s are alive and well.


MAKAYA MCCRAVEN – In These Times (Nonesuch)
In These Times is a collection of polytemporal compositions inspired as much by broader cultural struggles as McCraven’s personal experience as a product of a multinational, working class musician community. It’s the recording that he’s been trying to create for 7+ years, as it’s been consistently in process in the background while he’s put forth a prolific run of releases including: In The Moment (2015), Highly Rare (2017), Where We Come From (2018), Universal Beings (2018), We’re New Again (2020), Universal Beings E&F Sides (2020), and Deciphering the Message (2021). With contributions from over a dozen musicians and creative partners from his tight-knit circle of collaborators – including Jeff Parker, Junius Paul, Brandee Younger, Joel Ross, and Marquis Hill – the music was recorded in five different studios and four live performance spaces while McCraven engaged in extensive post-production work at home. Featuring orchestral, large ensemble arrangements interwoven with the “organic beat music” sound that’s become his signature, the album is an evolution and a milestone for McCraven, the producer. But moreover, it’s the strongest and clearest statement we’ve yet to hear from McCraven, the composer.


First Time on Colored Vinyl. Death Grips’ landmark double 2015 album, available again on opaque red vinyl as an RSD Essential pressing!


DIVINO NINO – Last Spa On Earth CD/LP (Winspear)
Written and recorded over the past two years, Last Spa on Earth deals in release and catharsis: confronting your darkest moments and coming out better for it. “For most of my life, I was just perfectly happy listening to really chill music and drawing flowers,” says Medina. “Having no choice but to sit with ourselves during the pandemic was dark but it was also therapeutic dealing with what we weren’t dealing with before.” By staying present, the band decided to make music that matched what they were going through: something heavy, fast, direct, and resonant that ultimately felt good no matter how challenging. Like a necessary massage, the Last Spa on Earth of the album’s title is Divino Niño working through their own knots and kinks.


Though Ali Farka Toure transcended in 2006, his musical legacy lives on through his son, Vieux aka “the Hendrix of the Sahara,” an accomplished guitarist and champion of Malian music in his own right. On Ali, his collaborative album with Khruangbin, Vieux pays homage to his father by recreating some of his most resonant work, putting new twists on it while maintaining the original’s integrity. The result is a rightful ode to a legend. Ali isn’t just a greatest hits compilation. It’s a lullaby, a remembrance of Ali’s life through known highlights and B-sides from his catalog. It is a testament to what happens when creativity is approached through open arms and open hearts.


Double 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Omnium Gatherum’s sprawling 16 tracks of gonzoid prog jams, dizzying pop nuggets, rubber-legged hip-hop odysseys, and passages of pure thrash-metal abandon offer plenty for Gizzard fans and neophytes alike to chew on. Typically, KGLW albums pursue a single theme or style, but part of the thrill of O.G. for them was the opportunity to present new ideas without committing the entire album to just one. It’s the perfect entry point for newcomers and a solid treat for the faithful.


MARISA ANDERSON – Still Here CD/LP (Thrill Jockey)
Marisa Anderson is one of the most eminent guitarists working today. Her lucid, eloquent approach to guitar music and composition has established her as an unparalleled artist and an insightful, coveted collaborator. Anderson’s work draws on a mosaic of folk musics and lives in conversation with myriad musical traditions. Her music is inviting and candid, beckoning the listener into sprawling ecosystems and intimate corners alike, from barren landscapes to verdant thickets, impassioned communal experiences to pensive reclusions. As a master of her instrument, Anderson translates abstractions into undeniably moving music, tracing through traditional folk tunes, imagined Sci-Fi films, and foggy sanctuaries of sound. Still, Here is Anderson at her most direct, laying bare her practice of processing and understanding the world through music and distilling that practice into pieces as expressive as they are transfixing.


CASS MCCOMBS – Heartmind LP (Anti)
LP pressing now available. Cass triangulates a perch of his very own out among The Go-Betweens, The dB’s, and The Cure, and vibrates there, a beacon.


BAD BRAINS – Quickness LP (Org)
Quickness is the fourth full-length studio album by Bad Brains, originally released by Caroline Records in 1989. The audio was mastered by Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Mastering. This limited “Punk Note” edition comes with alternate packaging artwork from designer John Yates (Stealworks). The artwork is a nod to Reid Miles and Francis Wolff, and their amazing work at the Blue Note label.


ICEAGE – Shake The Feeling: Outtakes & Rarities 2015–2021 (Mexican Summer)
Shake the Feeling: B-Sides & Rarities 2015–2021 surveys the sound surrounding Iceage’s last three albums, Plowing Into the Field of LoveBeyondless and Seek Shelter. A study in the powerful song form and raw execution that have defined the Danish band as rock ‘n’ roll’s saviors, this essential collection digs deep into the Iceage vault for unheard and rare cuts that both devotees and the uninitiated alike will relish.


ANI DIFRANCO – Living In Clip LP (Righteous Babe)
Triple clearwater blue colored vinyl LP pressing. Living in Clip is a 1997 live album by singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco.


MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS – Electra Heart Platinum Blonde Edition LP (Atlantic)
Double magenta-colored vinyl LP pressing housed in a gatefold jacket and wrapped in an iridescent slip case. The “Platinum Blonde Edition” is the definitive version of Marina and the Diamonds’ acclaimed sophomore album Electra Heart. This limited edition set includes the rare tracks “EVOL” and “Electra Heart” available on vinyl for the first time ever. Also included are the massive TikTok hits “Bubblegum Bitch” and “Primadonna” as well as fan favorites “How To Be a Heartbreaker” and “Teen Idle”.


EBM is the first new music from Editors since 2019 and signals a new era from one of the UK’s most intriguing and enduring musical success stories. Having previously collaborated with Editors, bringing additional production to their sixth album, Violence, Ivor Novello winning composer and producer Benjamin John Power, aka Blanck Mass, joins as a full time member and ushers in another bold chapter for a band that never stood still creatively over the course of their 17 year career. All 6 of the band’s studio albums have charted in the UK top 10, with 2 scoring number 1’s, and their debut, The Back Room, was shortlisted for the Mercury Prize.


NILS FRAHM – Music For Animals 3CD/4LP (Leiter Verlag GMBH)
Available on limited 3CD or 4LP. Nils Frahm returns with an expansive album, Music For Animals, his first fresh studio material since 2018’s All Melody and 2019’s associated All Encores. Containing ten tracks and clocking in at over three hours long, it’s an ambitious and compelling set different to anything Frahm’s released to date – in fact, it finds the Piano Day founder declining to use a piano – but at the same time retains many of the qualities that have set the influential musician’s work apart over much of the last two decades.


ALEX G – God Save The Animals CD/LP (Domino)
As with his previous records, Alex Giannascoli wrote and demoed these songs by himself, at home; but, for the sake of both new tones and “a routine that was outside of my apartment,” he asked some half-dozen engineers to help him produce the “best” recording quality, whatever that meant. The result is an album more dynamic than ever in its sonic palette.


TIM BURGESS – Typical Music CD/LP (Bella Union)
Tim Burgess is an English musician, singer-songwriter and record label owner, best known as the lead singer of the alternative rock band the Charlatans. While in The Charlatans, Tim’s undefeatable energy has been a consistent fuel for the band across thirteen high-charting albums, and his solo adventure has been no less extraordinary, scaling new heights in 2020 with his fifth solo album, I Love The New Sky followed by the Ascent of the Ascended EP in 2021. Typical Music is a 22-track blockbuster set of songs that are as expansive and diverse as they are rich, as fun as they are funky and that embrace heartache and love. They run the gamut, from ABBA (in the shape of guest vocalist Pearl Charles) to Zappa (free-form studio experimentation). Tim continues to host his infamous #TimsTwitterListeningParty, having drawn in members of bands such as Iron Maiden, Culture Club, Tears for Fears, Japan, the Smiths, the Go-Go’s and New Order.


NIKKI LANE – Denim & Diamonds CD/LP (New West)
From the first bass note within the driving drum beat you can tell something is different about the new record from Nikki Lane. The backbeat feels like a gutsy strut while the lead guitar feels like a revved up engine shifting gears. Denim & Diamonds comes out firing, spit shining the cowboy boots and tossing on a jean jacket. Produced by Joshua Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Denim & Diamonds has the Highway Queen embracing a more rock-oriented sound while still maintaining the heartfelt outlaw country sound she has developed across her previous three releases. Denim & Diamonds still has the f***-off flare of which Nikki has come to be known. Her stylized, story-telling lyrics are all there as well as her catchy country hooks. The outlaw country sound is now balanced out with a gritty guitar and a machine gun snare that echoes the sound of 70’s rock.


THE SOFT MOON – Exister CD/LP (Sacred Bones)
“The whole point of this record was to share every emotion that I feel,” says The Soft Moon’s Luis Vasquez. “No two songs are the same. It’s about existing in the world as a human being and experiencing many emotions and experiences throughout life.” And so hence the title Exister, a record rooted in the ecstatic joys and crippling lows that life can throw up and how just hanging on and existing is sometimes all we have. The album runs the gauntlet of everything from ambient to dark wave – features ferocious guest contributions from fish narc and Special Interest’s Alli Logot on ‘Him’ and ‘Unforgiven’ – all while retaining that distinct tone that unmistakably The Soft Moon.


ALICE IN CHAINS – Dirt LP [Reissue/1992] (Sony)
Digitally remastered edition. Dirt, the critically acclaimed and 5x Platinum certified, studio album from Alice in Chains is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary. The album features some of the band’s biggest hits including “Them Bones,” “Would?,” and “Rooster.”


MINUS THE BEAR – Lost Loves LP (Dangerbird)
The follow up to Infinity Overhead, Lost Loves lives up to its title quite literally as a collection of hard to let go songs pulled from the band’s past seven odd years of writing, recording and releasing records. “Inevitably some of your favorite songs are going to be cut in the necessity of creating the right sequence for that particular time,” says bassist Cory Murchy. “Regardless of the reason they weren’t included, it wasn’t for lack of love and appreciation of the songs themselves. ” Somewhat by chance the black sheep that didn’t quite fit in with Planet of Ice, OMNI, and Infinity Overhead coalesce among their once regretfully forsaken peers.


THE MOVERS –The Movers – Vol. 1 – 1970-1976 LP (Analog Africa)
The Movers were titans of South African soul who left a legacy of countless songs of pure groove. On The Movers 1970–76, Analog Africa presents 14 of the finest tracks from the band’s undisputed peak. “I first discovered The Movers on my very first “record safari” in 1996. Twenty-five years later I’m still grooving to them.”


CARRTOONS – Homegrown LP (Wichita)
A year and a half after releasing his self-produced, independent full-length LP Saturday Morning to critical acclaim, producer and multi-instrumentalist CARRTOONS plans his return to music with his next album, Homegrown. Evolving his trademark Modern Motown sound, CARRTOONS continues to expand his already diverse musical repertoire in jazz, soul, hip-hop, and more.


AUTOUR DE LUCIE – Immobile LP (Dot Matrix)
Reissue! 90s French pop nirvana, on LP for the first time! Autour de Lucie’s follow-up to their geographical barrier busting debut sees the band incorporating subtle keyboards and electronic beats to their well-established sensuous dreamy pop charm.


AUTOUR DE LUCIE – L’Échapée Belle LP (Dot Matrix)
Over 25 years after their buoyant & breezy electro-acoustic debut busted language barriers showing that French language music could build a buzz on all sides of the Atlantic, Autour de Lucie’s debut finally gets the vinyl treatment!


DE LUX – Do You Need A Release? LP (Innovative Leisure)
Do You Need A Release? is De Lux at their poppiest, prettiest, danciest, and also their most abrasive. Built on a hotbed of tension, the songs give release in surprising yet immediately satisfying ways. The verses often pummel you with aggressive beats and grooves only to blossom into open, encouraging, and even angelic refrains. Recorded with their live band at Jonny Bell’s Jazzcat Studio, De Lux give us their firebrand danceable and quirky pop songs with a strong dose of wit, matching the quality and camaraderie of their intense and acclaimed live performances. Their funny and profound sound remains immensely groovy, but the band is more influenced by the fun ‘80s new wave of the Tom Tom Club and the experimentation and imagery of The Clash’s “Sandinista!”. De Lux matters because they make music to dance to and be inspired by.


KILLING JOKE – Lord Of Chaos LP (Spinefarm)
Killing Joke confirm that all hope is probably lost with Lord of Chaos, their first new studio material in over seven years. The 4-track EP features 2 brand-new recordings in the title track and “Total.” Also included are 2 reworkings from their 2015 album, Pylon: “Big Buzz (Motorcade Mix)” remixed by Tom Dalgety, and “Delete in Dub (Youth’s Disco 45 Dystopian Dub).”


TODD SNIDER – Return Of The Storyteller CD/LP (Aimless)
Live: Return of the Storyteller – his third live album and nineteenth overall – plays like a masterclass by one man with a guitar and a freewheeling imagination. Threading his husky-voiced phrasing through a likable cosmic cowboy manner, he invites you on a tour of tunes humorous (“Big Finish,” and the have-meets- have-not “In Between Jobs”), Proustian (“Play a Train Song,” “Too Soon To Tell,” and the lump-in-the-throat snapshot of John Prine on “Handsome John”) and heart-worn (“Like a Force of Nature,” “The Very Last Time,” “Roman Candles”). As the fifteen-song set unfolds, you can feel a tangible bond building between Snider and his fans. – While the album captures what Snider laughingly calls his “second tour – because I went out on the road in ’94 and never went home until the pandemic” – it acts as both a summing up of a thirty-year career and a look ahead.


WILCOYankee Hotel Foxtrot CD/LP reissue
DENZEL CURRYMelt My Eyez See Your Future CD/LP
FREDDIE GIBBS $oul $old $eparately CD
BRANDI CARLILEIn These Silent Days CD/LP deluxe
TYLER CHILDERSCan I Take My Hounds To Heaven CD/LP
LINCOLNRepair and Reward LP
DROPKICK MURPHYSThis Machine Still Kills Fascists CD
METRICFormentera LP
LOGIC –  Vinyl Days LP