Stinkweeds is turning 30! We are celebrating by throwing ourselves a big anniversary party on April 1st, in our parking lot! We will have live music, giveaways, DJs, food, activities and so much more! Some of you have been with us for all 30 years, some 25 years, some 10 years, and some of you are super new to the shop. For every year we’ve been in business we owe each and every one of you our deepest gratitude and thanks. It would mean the world to us if you’d all stop by for some great food, great music and a great time celebrating 30 years of music at Stinkweeds! 


Read on for more details!



Among the bands playing this event, we have some old friends reuniting to play the tunes that first grabbed our attention, as well as some new friends we look forward to sharing many more years with. 

6pm – Wonderful Wednesday

Steven Reker was one of our favorite employees at Stinkweeds! He worked here for 4 years in the mid 2000s and then moved on to New York City, where he has made quite a name for himself as a multifaceted artist. Collaborating as a musician, composer, choreographer, dancer with such artists and project as David Byrne, Jherek Bishof, People Get Ready and the Lincoln Center Presents the American Songbook. In his days in Phoenix, his talent was apparent and distinct, with his multiple projects, including his band, Wonderful Wednesday, which he will be dusting off for this occasion! We couldn’t be more excited. 

5pm – Sleepwalker

Sleepwalker was a project featuring Jamal Ruhe. Some of you may remember Ruhe from the Arizona band One or as the sound man at Nita’s Hideaway, along with Phoenix fixture and rock star, Jon Rauhouse (Neko Case, Jon Rauhouse Orchestra). They released one CD in 1998 and it just so happens to be one of Kimber’s favorite Arizona recordings of all time. We can’t believe they’re reuniting for us!!


4pm – Bear State

The members of this band have quickly become some of our favorite people in this city. Not only are they an extremely talented group, they are huge supporters of the local music scene and all frequent shoppers at our little store. Some of the members are behind the local label Moone Records, which has been featuring some very talented groups in Phoenix, as well as some of Arizona’s other great cities. If there’s a new, local band for us to put our support behind, it is definitely these folks. 


3pm – Mariachi De Grande Ave.

We knew we couldn’t have a party without a mariachi! And we knew there was only one choice for Stinkweeds! As well as featuring members of local music groups such as Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra and Snow Songs, the members of this group are very active in the social, political, cultural as well as musical communities. They are a perfect example of the rich diversity our city has to offer. We’re super excited to have them adding some southwest soul and spirit to this party. 

Between Sets –  DJ Bruce Heimbuck

DJ Bruce can, most often, be found behind the bar at Crescent Ballroom, serving up drinks and bad jokes, or behind the 1s and 2s, spinning his blend of party rock in the Crescent Lounge or hosting the Crescent Trivia Night. He’s always the one we call on for our parties, because, you know, he just gets us. 


Mi Vegana Madre

Mi Vegana Madre is a food truck that serves delicious vegan Mexican food! They are huge supporters of local business and culture and we couldn’t think of a better caterer for our party then this delicious restaurant on wheels. 
Find out where they will be parked, near you, at
Food will be available from 2 to 5pm
First 100 people who come to wish us happy birthday get lunch on us!


We’re going to play these a little close to the vest, so you’ll just have to show up to see what we’re giving away. If you’ve been to any of our past events, you know that our prizes are pretty serious. You can expect Gift Cards, Show Tickets, Vinyl, CDs, Stinkweeds swag, maybe the new Stinkweeds Shirt…who knows?!


We really do appreciate all of the love we’ve received from you, over the years. We really hope you’ll join us on April 1st to celebrate being supporters and lovers of music, in Phoenix. Our little scene is no longer a secret to the world. We are now a world class city for live music, festivals and record stores. There is so much to celebrate about being part of this fast growing movement. Stinkweeds has been a great place to witness this growth and change.
See you on April 1st!