What is it about Cassettes?! No other form of music media is so polarizing than the cassette tape. We started upping the stock on our cassettes a few years ago and the reactions we’ve seen range from sneering questions as to why we carry them, to ecstatic joy in finding that yes, there’s a place for you and your very specific interest. And although I may lean closer to the naysayers, having grown up in the age of cassettes and having witnessed all the pains that they may bring, I’m starting to come around. There is a charm to the cassette tape that you just don’t get from any other media. Their very form represents a push towards having music available to you, in all places. Cassettes took our music out of the house and put it in our cars and in our ears while we go about our day to day business. You could take your entire music collection with you, wherever you went. If you heard a song you liked on the radio, you could capture it in a neat, compact little rectangle and share it with your friends.  Yes, you can do all of this and more with that device each of you carries in your pocket. But, technology has become so efficient that it’s taken the work and love right out of it! Listening to a cassette is like riding an old bicycle. It’s nice to race down the road on a fast, light weight, carbon fiber frame. But nothing beats a slow, noisy ride on an old clunker. You’re likely to take in the sights around you and the whirring and grinding of the gears only adds to the soundtrack of your day. Cassettes require your love and attention. And, most importantly, they hold music. So, this Cassette Store Day, let’s take a moment to think about all that cassettes have done for us and for music and maybe reconsider our feelings. We would love if you shared your cassette stories with us, good or bad. It’s all part of an experience and that’s what music is all about.

Here’s what we have going on at the shop!

We’ll be carrying some of the Cassette Store Day exclusives!

We’re having a sale on select Cassettes! All Non Cassette Store Day cassettes will be on sale for 15% off!

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