The only thing better than listening to a record is hearing the band live! Here are just a few shows we’re excited about, in the month of March.

For a full list of shows happening in the valley, check out our complete online concert listing at!

Dario’s Picks:

Downtown Chamber Series – March 9th/10th – MonOrchid Gallery

Once every few months, our lovely city is treated to two evenings of some of the best music ever written, performed by some of the best musicians we can claim as our own. There are a lot of shows happening in town, these days. Personally, I choose the performances that will offer an immersive experience and leave me with a new appreciation for what music is and can be. The pieces this group performs are often written by composers who challenge the art form and break out of the stringent structure that one might associate with the “classical” world.

Ought – March 17th – The Underground

Been waiting for this group to make the trek from Montreal for a couple years, now. Regrettably, I missed their last show in Phoenix. But, I imagine it’s about as close as you get to seeing one of the early proto punk bands, of the late 70s, where everything is fresh and angsty and exciting. This is definitely worth the drive out to Mesa.

Shopping – March 17th – Rebel Lounge

Ok, yes this is the same night as one of my other picks and obviously, I won’t be able to make it to both. But, what a lovely problem to have. Shopping, like Ought pulls from that same well of early proto punk, at times, resembling bands like Wire, Television or a sunnier Joy Division. In a perfect world, these shows would have been combined…hopefully at the venue closest to my house.


Paula’s Picks:

Jerusafunk – March 3rd – Tempe Center for the Arts

Though I’ve only seen them perform live once before, this band’s reputation certainly precedes them. The energy that comes when they perform live is almost electric! Definitely looking forward to seeing them again at TCA.

Flying Burrito Festival – March 10th – Crescent Ballroom

A burrito based festival with artists like Albert Hammond Jr., Courtney Marie Andrews, Las Chollas Peligrosas, U.S. Girls, and more? Of course I’m into it!

Durand Jones and the Indications – March 23rd – Valley Bar

I’m already preparing to dance the night away to the butter-like voice of Durand Jones and his shoulder-swaying beats.


Lindsay’s Picks:

Wedding Present – March 11th – Valley Bar

This is the greatest time to be a Phoenician, when we can reap all benefits of being on the route to and from SXSW. The Wedding Present is playing the Valley on their way to SXSW, and apparently playing material from their first first release of singles 30+ years ago!!

Ought – March 17th – the Underground

One of our favorites at Stinkweeds, Ought is passing through town! Think Talking Heads meets Fugazi. Frenetic, fun and new! Don’t snooze though, this isn’t at any of the usual indie venues. See you at the Nile Basement!

Durand Jones + The Indications – March 23rd – Valley Bar

The new generation of vintage Soul sounds centers right here with Durand Jones & The Indications. They set out to make a record steeped in heavy drums, blown-out vocals, and deep grooves. That it is. Can only imagine how fun this will be live!