Saturday, April 21st will be the 11th annual Record Store Day, and as with every year, Stinkweeds will be going all out for the party! As always, you can expect that we’ll order tons of the exclusive releases and have them ready, organized and available early that morning, making Stinkweeds one of the best spots to start our Record Store Day shopping spree.

Along with the exclusive releases, we’ll have plenty of giveaways, goodies, music and even an official Stinkweeds RSD release, that we’ve put together with YabYum Music and When In AZ.

We will be opening early on Record Store Day. As of now, we will open at 9am (this may be subject to change, so please check back with us – it definitely won’t be any later than 9am, though).

Here are some details to get you ready for the big day:

Exclusive RSD Releases

The list of exclusive titles was just releases and boy howdy is it huge! You can check it out at

We will be ordering as much as we possibly can off this list in the hopes that everyone will get exactly what they’re looking for. We will do everything in our power to make sure you leave happy. However, there are a few rules with Record Store Day titles that we absolutely have to follow. These rules apply to all stores participating in Record Store Day.

Rule #1: There are no holds or special orders for RSD Exclusives. Can’t do it. Won’t do it. We are happy to let you know how many copies of anything we’ve received, as long as we have that information, but nothing can be held or special ordered.

Rule #2: RSD titles will not be sold before the store opens on April 21st. There is no way we can sell them, even after midnight, before we open on that date. All participating stores must go home, go to sleep, so the RSD fairy can drop off all the titles to be ready in the morning.

Rule #3: (I’ll remind you that this rule applies to all participating stores) All RSD titles are limited to 1 copy, per customer. You can buy as many RSD titles as you want, but you can only buy one copy of each. We want everyone to have a fair chance and this is one way to make sure of this. Also, if you leave the store and come back, you are still the same person, so don’t even try it!

Rule #4: No stashing titles! Not even joking, we’ve seen this many times. If you’re not ready to buy one of the RSD titles, please do not hide it away, so you can come back for it. I’m not saying you’ll be barred from our store for life, but I’m also not NOT saying that.

Rule #5: Be cool. We pride ourselves on having just the coolest customers and the most enjoyable Record Store Day. We love to see everyone helping each other out, chatting about music, getting excited about things. We reward this behavior by being ready to answer any questions you may have and also, giving away a ton of prizes throughout the day. Even when you’re shopping for your titles, you just might have some free tickets thrown at you, or a rare test pressing given away for answering some trivia. We participate in Record Store Day because it’s a holiday for the customers, and each of you deserves just the best possible experience. Don’t be the person who ruins it for everyone else. Be cool.


We’re still working out the details for all the other events, so be sure to check in from time to time. We can tell you that there will be an all day DJ, one (possibly more) food trucks, live music and LOTS of giveaways.

For more frequent updates, RSVP on our RSD facebook event page!

Now, the 2018 RSD Ambassadors…