Every month, we switch out our listening stations with 40+ titles for you to browse, in your own little world, through headphones. We suggest checking in at least once a month to listen to some artists that may not find their way to your ears through the normal channels. Here are 5 titles out of this month’s collection that we absolutely love.

Black Belt Eagle Scout – At the Party With My Brown Friends [Saddle Creek]

Katherine Paul gifts us with a beautiful collection of songs that offer a perspective not often found in music.

Joyero – Release The Dogs [Merge]

Andy Stack is one half of the two core members of longtime Stinkweeds favorite, Wye Oak. Joyero shares many similarities to Wye Oak, but Stack’s songwriting and voice add a vulnerability that lends itself to his brand of subtle, artistic, synth-pop compositions.



Boy Scout – Free Company [Anti-]

Bay Area jangle-folk with that hazy, lazy, California vibe. This album was a collaboration between singer/songwriter Taylor Vick and Phoenix-born Stephen Steinbrink!




King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Infest the Rat’s Nest [ATO]

King Gizzard is the Daniel Day Lewis of bands. They are almost unrecognizable from album to album. But their mastery of the craft is what ties it all together…that and some really wicked psychedelic “Gizziness,” if you will.



The Murder Capital – When I Have Fears [Human Season]

This is everything you would hope to find in a Dublin post-punk band. It’s “working class” angst with loads of style and attitude.