Whether you’re cringing at the mere mention of “black friday” or you’re gearing up to camp out of your favorite store, Stinkweeds just might be a destination to consider. Here are a few reasons to brave the hustle bustle and spend part of your day with us.

Black Friday [mini] Record Store Day

Like Record Store Day proper, the labels are putting out a bunch of limited releases of all your favorite music, new and old. You can check out the list of limited releases on the Record Store Day website. All of these titles are only being released on Black Friday and can not be reordered. We have some rules about this stuff, too. We can’t hold ANYTHING for ANYONE! The idea is to give everyone the same opportunity to get their hands on the good stuff.  Black Friday titles are limited to 1 copy of each album, per customer. These are very limited releases and again, we just want everyone to have a fair shot at getting the albums that they want. We also don’t want to see this stuff getting flipped on ebay, so limiting them kind of discourages the flippers. Black Friday is for Record Store shoppers, like you!

Extended Hours!

We’ll be opening at 9AM that Friday and we do anticipate a bit of a line. So you might want to show up a little earlier, if you have something in mind that you want to get your hands on. We are ordering almost everything on that list. However, we won’t know how many we’ll have till we have them. So, if you have something in mind, I would suggest giving us a call the week before the big day.

We Have So Many Awesome Used LPs Right Now!

The past few weeks, we have seen so many great collections come through the store, anywhere from classic rock, jazz, new indie, pop, hip hop, electronic and even a huge collection of experimental and ambient music! We’re working hard to get this stuff processed and ready to go out on Black Friday. Whatever taste you’re shopping for, I’m sure we’ll have something to get really excited about. And, you know that stupid rule that you shouldn’t buy someone something used for birthdays and holiday? Well first, that’s a silly rule. Second, IT DOESN’T APPLY TO VINYL! So, make sure you don’t miss out on the awesome titles we’ll be putting out. Follow us on social media to get an idea of what we’ll be selling, that day.

Gift Ideas!

Along with all the music we have in stock, we also have a few fun gift ideas, like record players, headphones, books, magazines, t-shirts, buttons and pins! We have great stocking stuffers for the vinyl lovers in your life, like record cleaning kits and sleeves.

As a special Black Friday deal, we’ll be giving away a $15 Stinkweeds Gift Card, made out to whomever you choose, with any purchase of a new or used turntable! We just stocked up on a bunch of great Audio-Technica players as well as a really nice Pioneer professional turntable and some Pioneer powered speakers with and without Bluetooth. Discounts on any pairing of speakers and turntable.

Local Love!

Stinkweeds is positioned among some of the coolest local shops this city has to offer. While you’re down here, hit up Frances Vintage, Halo Piercing, Golden Rule Tattoo, Curious Nature, Changing Hands Bookstore, Practical Art or any of the many amazing shops that are all within a stones throw of Stinkweeds. You could knock out all of your shopping without having to drive anywhere else…or be in a mall! How cool is that?!

~~~Chill Vibes~~~

This one is important to us. Those Record Store Day exclusives can bring out quite a crowd. But, you’d be surprised just how friendly and helpful everyone can be during these events. We like to think of it as being in a room full of friends.

We hope to see you this Black Friday or anytime during the Holidays. Now, more than ever, we’re seeing the importance of supporting local business and it truly is the best way to show someone how much care you put into your gift giving.