Summer is coming to a close! Which inevitably puts phoenix back on the map! No longer will touring artists pass us up for cooler weather. Even though we’re still in the triple digits, September is looking pretty good for live music. Here are just a few of our favorite shows happening this month.


Celebration Guns Album Release Show @Rebel Lounge -September 18th

Local album release shows always tend to be a good time! The fact that Instructions, Captain Squeegee, and Bear Ghost are all part of the line up as well leads me to believe this will be a fairly fun show as well as a musically exhilarating one.

Miniature Tigers @ Rebel Lounge – September 13th

Last time I saw Miniature Tigers was actually outside here at Stinkweeds! As great of a performance as it was, I’m pretty excited to see how they take over a venue like Rebel Lounge. I’ve been a long time admirer of this group and am quite glad to see that they’re becoming more active again.

Juana Molina @ The MIM – September 15th

I went on a solo trip to Ireland a few years ago and Juana Molina’s music was a big part of the soundtrack that accompanied the experience. To me, her music has the perfect tinge of sadness to it, that added to the unique style of her compositions creates a very natural and yet ethereal sound to me. Hearing her perform at the Musical Instrument Museum is going certainly going to be an inspiring experience.


Slow Moses / John Dietrich (Deerhoof) / Max Knouse @ The Carriage House – 9/9

I am forever preaching the gospel of the “small show.” I won’t knock the value of a big concert, but nothing beats catching bands at their most intimate. Even amongst local Phoenix acts, we often see them playing in the bigger venues like Crescent or Van Buren. But, sometimes these tiny musical sanctuaries pop up, promising a unique experience with the music you love.
In the 20 or so years I’ve been catching shows in Phoenix, Slow Moses has been one of the most unique bands to come out of any local “scene.” They are seemingly unfazed by trends. Their music appeals to those of us who want something challenging and weird wrapped in catchy package. Sharing this night with John Dietrich of Deerhoof and one of my new favorite Phoenix artists, Max Knouse, in the intimate setting of the Cibo Carriage House could be nothing short of a memorable experience.

Ryley Walker @ Valley Bar – September 18th

Ryley Walker has always had my attention. But, there’s something about his newest album that puts his music above the list of casual listens. He’s touched on a style of music that I’ve only heard from a handful of artists in the past coupled decades. Strangely enough, most of those artists came out of Chicago, just as this album did. Every city has a sound. Some cities have many sounds. Ryley Walker seems to have tapped into that secret place that requires the right combination of musicians, producers and places. It’s good to know that it’s still there, waiting for someone to drink from the well.

Margaret Glaspy @ The MIM – September 21st

Very much looking forward to hearing new music from Margaret Glaspy. 2016s Debut album was a understated masterpiece. Glaspy’s voice and guitar are so tactile, they seem to be in the room with you. When she actually is in the room, playing for you, you might as well be sitting in a living with your closest friends. She plays and sings with a perfect blend of passion and subtlety. Her sound has a sort of unhinged control. The songs are simple and relatable, but she’s not pandering to our emotions. She’s telling her story and you hang on every word.

Kneebody @ Valley Bar – September 23rd

This is one of the most captivating “Jazz” groups I’ve seen in a long time. Their sound is unpredictable, but not showy. Their technical prowess is not flaunted for cheep thrills, but used as a tool for musical exploration. They approach jazz music for the sake of the song. When improvisers as great as Kneebody set out with this approach, you’re sure to hear some truly magical and spontaneous moments, regardless of your understanding of Jazz or the mathematics of music. It’s a common joke that jazz shows are often made up of musicians who are in on something and if you can’t keep up, then too bad. Kneebody scoffs at this kind of elitism and plays music everyone can enjoy, without sacrificing musicianship. Anyone can play notes. Impress me with the music.


Courtney Marie Andrews @ Valley Bar – September 4th

Our favorite Phoenix-bred chanteuse is making major waves out in the world with her new album “May Your Kindness Remain”. If you haven’t had the chance to hear her beautiful voice, check out this show. She surely won’t be playing such small venues much longer. She’s got a full band and a batch of new songs.


Marie / Lepanto @ Someones Living Room! – September 11th

So thrilled these guys are FINALLY coming back to Phoenix as their new supergroup duo. Fans of Water Liars and Centro-Matic, don’t snooze! The last few times Will Johnson and Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster have been through Phoenix have been in these wonderfully intimate “living room” settings. Don’t miss this!

Ryley Walker @ Valley Bar – September 18th

Huge fan of folkster Ryley Walker. He landed himself on the map with his Van Morrison-inspired album “Primrose Green”. He’s since upped the ante and added a lot more instrumentation and inspiration in his latest efforts. Hoping he’s touring with a full band. This will be one of those great, intimate Valley Bar shows like the Kevin Morbys or the Timber Timbres of the world you won’t want to miss!