Every Halloween, Stinkweeds likes to explore the world of horror films and horror film soundtracks. In the past, we’ve interviewed film makers and horror film aficionados. We dig deep into the creative process behind those spine-tingling moments we all love. This year, we thought we would dig a little deeper.

We’re all finding a lot more time on our hands these days. For a lot of us, Halloween is a holiday that requires just as much, if not more prep as the big holidays. There are costumes to be made, decorations to hang, haunted houses to visit, candy to pass out and always plenty of movies to see. Well unfortunately, that’s just not the case for many of us this year. So, in the spirit of quarantine and taking on new hobbies and projects, we decided to make our own horror film, complete with visual effects and soundtrack! Our hope is that this can inspire something inside of all of you to take this extra time to do something new and weird and spooky. This little project took about a day’s work from by Eric and me (Dario). Eric is quite handy at making short movies on his phone. You may be familiar with his work as “The Record Runner” or his most recent film “The Case of the Missing Record Store Day Goodie Bags.” I myself, have had a little experience scoring short films and always love an opportunity to make some weird noises. So, we gave ourselves a little challenge to do about a few hours worth of work to make this little short film. We hope you enjoy it, but most importantly, we hope it can inspire you to take on your own little Halloween project, in the comfort and safety of your home.

If you need a little extra inspiration, check out some of the awesome Horror Soundtracks we’ve got waiting for you in our “Spooky Halloween Music” section at the shop. We’re currently allowing walk-ins, up to a 6 person capacity. Drop by this weekend! Show off your costumes! We’d love to see you.

Till then, Enjoy our short film, “Carving Pumpkins”